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Inside Sales World 2016- Dublin November 15th, 2016

General Sessions:
Transforming Economic Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage - Frank Hattann Details Download
In the face of today's uncertain economic climate, sales and marketing leaders are faced with the question: is uncertainty an obstacle to growth or can it be an advantage? 

Join Frank Hattann, Director of Enterprise Sales for LinkedIn EMEA, as he presents a framework for business leaders to think about how they can use uncertainty to their benefit.
The CLOSERS Model - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue, Founder, President, and Chief Evangelist at InsideSales.com, will share the core consulting curriculum that InsideSales.com uses to develop successful Inside Sales strategies that always work.

• Learn the top 5 campaign strategies that apply to Lists, Leads, and Offers to leverage sales and marketing
• Gain the top 3 skills used to influence both high-velocity and account-based sales
• Utilize the 5 key reports to run the full CLOSERS model
Engaging Millennials: Is Your Sales Enablement Strategy "Millennial-Ready"? - Patrick Gunn Details Download
Enlightened sales organisations understand the need to invest in onboarding, but given the incredible pace of change in today’s sales environment and the growing influence of Millennials in the workforce – traditional onboarding is no longer enough. Sales leaders need to take steps now to evolve their onboarding and enablement programs to engage the wide variety of sales reps within the team, with consequently greater revenue impact. This session will explore the concept of “reboarding”, discuss why it’s so critical for fast-growing enterprises, and share data-driven best practices for keeping both your Millennial sales force and your middle performers engaged and productive.

Who Should Attend?

Sales development, training and enablement leaders who wish to:

• Better understand the demands and preferences of Millennial sales professionals
• Hear how a ‘reboarding’ approach can bring continuous reinforcement and success to your team
• Build a forward-thinking sales enablement strategy that supports and motivates your entire sales force, top and middle performers
• Apply data and analytics for accelerated sales team performance
The Real ROI of Today’s Digital Selling - Hugh O'Byrne Details Download
Join Hugh O’Byrne, VP of IBM’s Digital Business Group, as he shares the real facts and statistics behind all aspects of the digital sales model. Hugh will share real-life data around growing pipeline, deal progression, and close rates when implementing a consistent digital sales process.
How Inside Sales is Vital to the End-Game - Mark Fellowes Details Download
The end game for any sales organisation is to generate revenue, and increasingly, the Inside Sales team is vital to delivering success. Tracking, managing, and influencing your Inside Sales ratios from lead to deal is challenging, regardless of your company size. In this session, with Mark Fellowes, SVP Sales Development and Operations for NewVoiceMedia, Inside Sales managers and leaders will discover how the right technologies and techniques can deliver better conversion ratios resulting in increased hit rates and pipeline targets.
Breakout Sessions:
Social Selling and the Need for Alignment and Smart Messaging - Laura Nuhaan Details Download
In this digital age, it is critical that (inside) sales and marketing work closely together to be able to to respond to the needs of prospects and customers. A standard approach will not do anymore. Marketing and (insides) sales have to work in a different way. Social Selling is an excellent first step. Social selling applied within sales helps to improve customer insights and build a long-term relationship with customers by adding value along the buying process. In this breakout session with Laura Nuhaan, Partner at The Adeta Group, she will explain a simple nine-step model to implement social selling within (inside) sales organizations and pay attention to the key success factors for social selling: alignment, content marketing, and value based messaging and selling.

Getting Past the Process-Driven Organisation to What Really Matters - Andre Andersen Details Download
Leaders on a day-to-day basis are so caught up in the process and KPI's performance management. It gets hard to spend time on our true assets - our people! How much does it matter?

During this session with André Andersen, Motivator, Coach, and Mentor with ThinkOut Consulting, you will dive into the key points of motivating your team in a genuine way that will improve moral and performance.
The Reality of Virtual Working and Using People Analytics for Inside Sales? - Vanessa Tierney Details Download
Remote working and people analytics have been in existence for decades so in this session, Vanessa Tierney, CEO and Founder of Vanty International, will analyse why there is real momentum building rapidly with the development of hybrid or fully virtual Inside Sales teams and how the science and technology behind profiling a person is proving to be a far greater benchmark of their fit and future performance in a role.

The disruptive sales workforce modelling is enabling companies to combat limited office space in cities, reduce overheads, increase individual performance, minimise the loss of great talent at key life stages and tap into new talent pools through “following fibre”. If not now… then when will your Inside Sales organisation be able to offer such opportunities (because the growth year-on-year is phenomenal)?

Who should attend:
Inside Sales Leaders that are strategically considering full or blended virtual sales teams in the future or at the early stages of roll out and would like to understand the impact and ROI of incorporating People Analytics into the hiring and selection of Inside Sales Managers and Executives.

Evolution or Revolution? From Inside Sales to Digital Sales - Ian Dodson Details Download
Ian Dodson, Founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Institute, discusses the challenges, outlines an approach, and uses a case study to demonstrate how to transform an Inside Sales team to a digital sales team.
Best Practices for Increasing Productivity Through Sales Gamification - Laura Burrus Details Download
Selling is serious business, but the process doesn't have to be. Gamification turns mundane sales activities into fun contests, increased productivity and more sales. When you gamify the sales process, your team doesn't just reach quotas, they chase after them. During this session, you'll learn best practices and hear case studies that prove gamification really can boost your sales productivity.
Account Based Sales: 4 ways to LOSE and 4 ways to WIN - Khuram Hussain Details Download
Developing a fast and qualified pipeline isn’t easy. What’s failing your Account Based process? Join Khuram Hussain, CEO of Fileboard, in a discussion of the most common failures in Account Based Sales and what needs to be fixed to connect with prospects and close deals.
Special Guest Sessions:
Leadership for the New Digital Age - Steve Cockram Details Download
Can you lead through influence rather than positional power? 
Do you know what it's really like to be on the other side of your leadership?
Do you have a clear strategy for motivating and empowering each member of your team?

Learn the answers to these questions and more with Special Guest Motivational Speaker, and Leadership Guru, Steve Cockram of GiANT Worldwide.

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