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UNITE 2018 June 19th, 2018

All Sessions:
The New Rules of Inside Sales - Kyle Porter Details Download
This session is brought to you after analyzing over 400 million sales interactions to mine out the seven cold hard facts about how to build an evolved sales organization.

Attendees will learn specific takeaways on what buyers want from their seller partners, including what mix of communications is best to connect with them and what content hits home. They'll learn the tips and strategies the fastest growing companies in the world are using to scale their organizations.
Building a World Class CRM System - Gene Marks Details Download
You've purchased a Customer Relationship Management system and you're not getting the full benefit. Or maybe you're considering a CRM investment but have heard the horror stories of implementations gone bad. Why do so many companies fail to get the results they hoped for from their CRM systems?

Join Gene Marks for a discussion on how to make your CRM system a world class CRM system. Gene, who has more than twenty years experience implementing CRMs used by thousands of people around the world, will share with you his success, his failures and his lessons learned from companies that have figured out how to do CRM right.

You'll walk away with specific action items not only for implementing a new CRM system, but for making your existing system a world class one.
You Didn’t Follow Up… Again - The Journey to 100% Follow-Through Across Your Sales & Service Teams - Joshua Tillman Details Download
Conversations and connections are central to sales performance. Despite all of the information out there, sales teams are still not focusing on the metrics that matter most. A recent study by Salesforce concluded that 92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone and the average salesperson only makes two attempts. According to SiriusDecisions, it takes an average of eight calls to reach a prospect.

Is poor performance the fault of the sales rep or have we overcomplicated the sales process? Are fractured systems and complex tasks causing reps to lose sight of the most vital part of selling — the connection.

DialSource CEO, Joshua Tillman will share how eliminating fractured systems and simplifying pre- and post-call tasks can improve sales rep performance and guarantee 100% follow-through within your organization.
If You Build it, They Will Coach: How to Create a Culture of Accountability & Consistency - Ted Martin Details Download
Every sales manager knows they should be coaching their reps, but all too often it’s put on the back burner. How do you find the time to coach when running from meeting to meeting and call to call?

Discover how to cut the excuses and build a coaching program that drives consistency and accountability.
KEYNOTE: Cultivating Ownership to Activate HyperGrowth - Gene Hammett Details Download
In this session you will learn how to ignite growth by getting your teams to think more like owners:

• Develop teams that go beyond responsibility to take full ownership in their work
• Discover leadership shifts to activate the entrepreneur spirit at all levels
• Learn essentials to developing emerging leaders within your organization
• Create practical takeaways that empower innovation and growth
• Create Internal Brand Ambassadors (aka Evangelists) that share your brand on many channels
Meet JOY – an AI Sales Grand Master That Will Quickly Turn Your Sales People Into Top Performers - Details Download
Research shows that becoming an elite-level salesperson requires more training, coaching and diligent practice than it does to become a chess grand master. Yet, in today’s market, salespeople rarely stay with a company long enough to reach top-performer status.
In this session, you will experience JOY – an AI sales grand master who works side-by-side with your BDRs and Account Reps and is guaranteed to turn them into elite-level salespeople.

In this session, you will see how:

• JOY researches the customer and determines their personality.
• JOY selects the ideal set of uniquely designed pre-call emails
• JOY provides the ideal cold call script and builds a conversation guide to uncover critical information
• JOY then selects ideal follow-up email templates
• JOY builds a selling strategy
• JOY develops a set of discovery questions
• JOY builds the ultimate presentation deck

All of this is uniquely developed for each prospect's personality, situation and needs.
How Leaders and Reps Can Help Each Other to Cross the Drawbridge into Leadership - Morgan J Ingram Details Download
In the Middle Ages, in order to enter a castle, you had to cross the drawbridge. Today, SDRs/sales reps are waiting outside the drawbridge without the proper expectations and guidance to reach the castle of leadership.

This break out will be a dual-participation session where reps and leaders will both benefit on how to create future leaders in their perspective organizations.

Main takeaways you will get from the session:

• Tactics to give your reps a look into leadership
• The best books to give your reps
• How to make your reps feel like they are leaders before they are officially promoted
• How to guide your reps to engage with your content to become a leader in your organization
People, Process, Technology - Ben Simms Details Download
This discussion is for sales leaders from managers to executives.

In a collaborative setting, we will identify:

-the five sales core competencies for hiring the best talent in today’s challenging job market
-how to onboard them for quicker ramp
-how to determine the best technology for your team to be productive more quickly.
How to Build an AI-Powered Sales Cadence to Double Your Pipeline in 30-Days - Gabe Larsen Details Download
Many experts argue which method is most effective in prospecting. Is the phone really dead? Is LinkedIn the answer? Can email still be effective? Should I be considering video? Has direct mail made a comeback?

All of these questions plague sales reps and leaders and are debated daily on sales floors across the globe. What is the answer, and more importantly, what will bring results to solve the biggest challenge in sales - building quality pipeline?

In this session, we’ll use data to answer that question. InsideSales.com has gathered data from thousands of interviews and millions of transactions with real customers. Artificial Intelligence can tap into this treasure trove of data today and give you the answers you need to win bigger and better deals.

Building an AI-powered sales cadence isn't hard, when you have data and computing power on your side. Action Points:

• the definition of a sales cadence and the seven methods used in sales prospecting

• a proven five-step process to build your own winning sales cadence

• best practices cadences that have generated millions of dollars in pipeline
How to Increase Productivity (in Some Cases by Double or More). More Opportunities. More Closes. More Revenue. - Dr. Scott Baird Details Download
This presentation will transform your sales leadership.

In this session, you will learn to:

1. Lead with greater confidence, speed, and persistence.
2. Outperform competitors.
3. Create a lively sales culture.
4. Implement the magic of method.
5. Master at least one skill that you can teach and immediately increase team results.
Lazy Selling – Why Discounts Aren’t the Answer - Michael Finsel Jr Details Download
All sales roles understand the cost to change is great. Wouldn’t it be powerful to tip the scales in your favor? In this interactive session, we’ll uncover what motivates customers to change and make decisions. Buyers who are looking and asking for discounts are rarely basing their overall decision on price alone. You’ll leave with a tactical plan to shape conversations with customers, so you’re armed with what they really care about while also taking price off the table as an objection.
Mastering Active Listening: The Most Critical Tool Sales Reps and Leaders Can Have. - Kristy West Details Download
In this interactive session, participants will walk away with an understanding of the science behind active listening and practice in real time how to condition the muscle to become a master at the art of listening.
LinkedIn Campaigns with Sales Navigator - Mike O'Neil Details Download
Lead generation is time consuming, even when it’s all going right. Cutting corners can have catastrophic results. Still, much needs to be done to keep the funnel filled so you don’t run out of business and have even more catastrophic problems.

This session is designed to help intermediate to advanced LinkedIn users simplify and automate their LinkedIn lead generation process with LinkedIn campaigns.
Moving the Middle: How to Coach Up the Middle 70% of Your Sales Team With Ease and Consistency - Brian Trautschold Details Download
Frontline B2B sales managers are dealt a tough hand these days. They are juggling more responsibilities, more reps, and more complex processes, structures, and buyers than ever before. This session will cover the top three ways to raise the level of performance across the middle 70% of your sales force and equip reps with the insights and inspiration they need to go from 'B' and 'C' players to all-star sales professionals and teammates.
How to Build a World-Class SDR Program - Tito Bohrt Details Download
Session will cover how to hire, build a career path, and retain employees who start as SDRs for the company.

Attended will walk away with:
- new questions you can ask during interviews to build the right mix of employees
- ideas for how to set up mini-promotions for SDRs
- suggestions for how to set up an incredible company culture
- ways to reward your team for great work
Can Predictable Buying Behaviors Lead to Results? - Lloyd Lofton Details Download
Salespeople and marketers are constantly trying to figure out the one thing that will motivate their prospect to buy.

If only there were a way to predict what these buying behaviors were!

* Would doing a better job of defining the market help understand prospects’ buying behavior?
* Are there certain "products" that might be more applicable in determining these predictable buying behaviors?
* Would it help to see examples of predictable buying behaviors?
* Would utilizing predictable buying behaviors in our marketing and sales presentations help us make more money?

Join Lloyd Lofton L.U.T.C. for this breakout session to learn:

1. What Predictable Buying Behaviors mean
2. What markets are predictable
3. What buyers are predictable
4. How to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t to generate leads
5. How to match your marketing with your sales presentation to increase your production
6. How to rule prospects “in” instead of ruling them “out”
How to Humanize B2B Communication to Drive and Influence Revenue - Tami McQueen Details Download
In order to create meaningful connections, brands need to start behaving more like people. Customers are demanding that companies connect and engage in new ways; to be more transparent, empathetic, open and authentic. For B2B organizations, storytelling has never mattered more. We are hyper-connected to the prospect, the influencer, and the customer. Today's tech stack allows us to connect and serve our audience in a much more dynamic, transparent, and human way, often in the context of strategic, collaborative relationships. In this session, you will learn how to transform your communication and create a human-to-human connection that is logical, intuitive and collaborative.
Sales Technology User Adoption: Use it or Lose it! - Shannon J. Gregg Details Download
So, you made the investment for that awesome app that is going to change the way you and your team sell! But...how do you get people to dive in and use it? In this hands-on and fun session, attendees will learn and apply methods to get their users to accept and adopt their new sales tech. You'll walk away with a direct and actionable plan to get your team revved up and ready to go!
How to Maximize the Impact of AI on Sales Performance - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
In this talk you will learn the following:

1. How AI will improve all forms of sales – especially complex B to B sales
2. The different types of AI applications for sales
3. How to develop a decision criteria for choosing the best AI stack for your company
What Differentiates Good Performers from Top Performers: Secrets for Developing Great Closers - Tonni Bennett Details Download
Sales people are often described as charismatic; delivering passionate and convincing speeches to win the deal. Think Don Draper from MadMen. But research shows that traditional "closing techniques" are no longer effective. It's the not-so-sexy fundamentals of sales that differentiate great performers from good performers. But true closing skills can be difficult to train and/or to motivate reps to perfect.

Effective coaching on these techniques will enable you to turn your B players into A players, and to motivate your reps to invest in their craft.
How to Use Video to Supercharge Your Sales - Jennifer Rizzi Details Download
We all know that video can be a powerful tool in the sales process (if used correctly)… but knowing the best practices can be a hurdle for sales reps and leaders.

During this hands-on session we will cover:

• What makes compelling video messaging
• When are the best times to use video in the sales cycle and what videos you should use at each stage
• How to send quality video to prospects and customers at scale

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