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Digital Sales World 2018 - Dublin November 13th, 2018

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How to Build your Sales Plan of Action Based on Marketing Automation - Vince McLain Details Download
If you pursue every lead from marketing with the same plan of action, you either have unlimited resources or are missing opportunities to focus on the best leads. In alignment with marketing, you need to agree on reasonable expectations for a warm funnel and how to act on leads depending on how they got there (automation, events, digital, etc… ).

In this session, see a plan of action from marketing automation and lead generation through sales lead hand off, by learning:
• How to create a plan of action based on lead history;
• How to determine a win rate based on that plan of action; and
• How to create a sales forecast from marketing leads
The Psychology of Employer Branding - Matt Burney Details Download
Do your roles and your company stand out from the rest? An enticing employer brand is key to ensuring you are able to attract and retain top talent, who seek an employer with as stellar a reputation as their own. Join us, as we delve into the depths of the brain to shed light on the psychological underpinnings of advertising and demonstrate the importance of a powerful organizational personality in boosting your aided and unaided awareness among job seekers.
IDEA EXCHANGE: Creating (or Growing) an Inclusive Sales Team that Cultivates Revenue - Lori Richardson Details Download
In this session, we'll share results of some of the data discussed at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit on retaining and promoting more women sales leaders, getting insight from our panel of sales leaders on both tactical and strategic ideas for more women in sales. Lori Richardson, President of WOMEN Sales Pros will moderate, share data, and help glean nuggets of wisdom for attendees to take away.

Full panel to be announced...
How Artificial Intelligence is Solving the Biggest Challenge in Sales - Jared Haleck Details Download
Training is important and so is hiring, but according to CSO Insights and InsideSales Labs they are not the biggest thing sales teams are struggling with--but you knew that already, right?

The biggest challenge across all of sales is BUILDING QUALIFIED PIPELINE and we see the effects of it every day, as only 53% of sales reps are hitting quota.

Sadly, the numbers show many sales leaders believe the way to solve this problem is adding more sales reps, but that solution is only making the problem worse.

What will make this problem go away…REALLY?

In this session, you'll learn why sales pipeline is the biggest problem in sales and what companies are doing to solve it.
IDEA EXCHANGE: Re-Humanizing the Sales Process - Bob Perkins Details Download
Today’s SDRs and Inside Sales Reps are pressured to not only achieve quota, but to hit hundreds of daily activity metrics. The need for speed is ever-present. Today’s reps have 6-10 technologies they use in their day-to-day prospecting and customer engagement and without these tools, a rep could fall short. Yet, the fact remains that quota attainment is on the decline. In an effort to increase activities through “sales acceleration”, have we substituted speed for personal? 

Our panel will discuss the importance of personalizing our customer sales engagement while sharing some actionable tips and best practices to help us “re-humanize” sales.
Predictable Revenue with the GDPR - Daniel Barber Details Download
The GDPR changed the way we perform sales and marketing, however, it doesn't mean you can't generate predictable revenue.

Join this informative session and learn:

1) How to target your ideal customer
2) Perform consent-based demand generation
3) Privacy-first prospecting

We will cover several strategies that will keep your legal team happy and your sales forecast intact.
Women Connect Workshop: Finding Your Voice - Nicole Finucan Details Download
Speaking up and finding your voice in the workplace is hard to do, even when it benefits you. There are many reasons we don’t, but there are so many more for why we should. Whether you want to know how to speak up in that meeting because you have a great idea (only to hear a colleague voice it first), or looking for that next step, or asking for a mentor/executive coach, or getting a pay raise, this session is designed to empower you to go out there and Find Your Voice in the Workplace!

In this workshop, we will empower you with:
• How to define your value;
• How to communicate your value; and
• How to find your ranges to feel comfortable asking for what you want and need
The Next Era of Innovation in Sales - Liam Halpin Details Download
While the era of automated sales outreach brought a surge in efficiency, it hasn't provided authentic customer value. Face-to-face selling provides that value, but it lacks speed and efficiency. Hear how leveraging relationships building at scale can solve for these challenges and drive high-quality sales.
Leadership is Clarity: Practical Ways to Bring Camaraderie and Progress to a Fast-Moving Workplace - Max Yoder Details Download
People want (and deserve the chance) to do great work. But oftentimes, a lack of clarity, office politics, and even our own brains get in the way.

Max will explore how small changes in behavior can transform a workplace culture and help entire organizations Do Better Work. His tips for clarity will empower teams to move faster, think smarter, and perform better.
7 Steps for Coaching Discovery Call Success - Kevin Beales Details Download
Discovery conversations are where revenue is won and lost. But in order to both qualify and diagnose the personalized pain, benefits and (most importantly) value proposed, you must rely on great questioning skills, active listening and make every second count.

We'll dissect how sales leaders can coach reps to optimize discovery conversations that lead to successful outcomes, based on the evidence of analyzing 10,000+ calls each month.
How to Gamify Your Inside Sales Center? 7 Lessons from an Action Research Inquiry - Alice Coatalem Details Download
Motivating millennials and intranet natives by bringing some fun elements, replicating game mechanics, at the core of the hard job of inside sellers. This was the objective of a three-year action research inquiry implemented across three European locations of a high-tech company. This session will start by covering some conceptual elements about gamification as well as its characteristics and how it is impacting human motivation. We will then discuss seven guiding principles resulting from the action-research effort, which can guide sales leaders considering gamification for employee engagement as well as other purposes.
Buyer Enablement: Empowering Your Champion to Sell For You - Garin Hess Details Download
With the explosion of account-based sales, you as a seller are selling to a committee, aka a buying group. But you as a salesperson can only carry the ball so far. We all know that the stakeholder you leave out is inevitably the one that nukes the deal. And very often, the real selling is done after the call is over, by your newly minted champion within the black box of executive interactions. Is that PDF or slide deck really the best we can do to empower this poor soul to be a change-maker? (Spoiler: 8/10 times, they’ll butcher it.)

To truly ensure a closed deal, you need that all-important internal champion to take the deal all the way across the line. Buyer enablement is the practice of empowering your internal champion to close the deal when you’re not in the room.

In this session, you will learn how to:
• Discover and engage stakeholders more quickly so your deal isn’t torpedoed late in the game
• Equip your champion to sell for you in a way that brings stakeholders to the conversation educated and ready to talk specifics
• Discover misalignment across stakeholder interests so you can guide them toward consensus
• Track the key metrics of Buyer Enablement to predict success
Slow Down, You're Moving Too Fast! - Rachel Spencer Details Download
What’s the best time of day to follow up? Is high call volume actually important? Is there an ideal sales cadence? How quickly should you respond to a new inbound lead? Is it critical to respond within five minutes?

The Telfer School of Management, in partnership with VanillaSoft, recently undertook the largest ever academic study of sales data - examining 130,000,000 real-life sales interactions and 45,000,000 contacts. In this session, Rachel Spencer of VanillaSoft will share these findings and will have you questioning what contemporary thought leaders have been espousing as effective. If you want to better organize your sales process, multiply your conversion rates, and dramatically increase your revenues, you need to hear what this data is saying.
Building the Sales & Marketing Technology Platform - Mark Farnell Details Download
The most successful high-growth companies in the UK are delivering up to 300% growth. In this session, Mark will be sharing best practices and insight into building a technology stack and running a successful Inside Sales team to support sustainable growth. This includes understanding the best times to call, increasing your speed-to-lead, focusing reps on the right leads, coaching and effective campaign follow-up.
IDEA EXCHANGE: Preparing Your Team For The Next Generation of Sellers - Amanda Hammett Details Download
Join us for this panel of experts on what it actually takes to recruit and develop the next generation of sales leaders. Hear about lessons learned and future predictions on the talent pool from subject-matter experts both inside and outside the digital sales world, as well as what it will take to develop and leverage them.
'SOS' – Sales Operating Systems and the Actions to Take for Success - Daragh Mulcahy Details Download
In this session, anyone managing a sales process will learn the tools and processes required for a successful customer life-cycle, including:

-SOS Definition
-SOS Implementation and Tools
-SOS Key Performance Indicators

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