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Most presentation materials for AA-ISP conferences, including our frontline, leadership, and executive level events, are available for download approximately a week following the event.


AA-ISP Inside Sales 2014 - Minneapolis November 6th, 2014

The Only Real Competitive Edge - Jill Konrath Details Download
Feeling frazzled trying to keep up with everything? Are you working harder, but barely getting ahead? Join the club. With today's escalating buyer expectations and ever-changing sales world, it's tough to stay at the top of your game. In this keynote you'll discover the single skill that virtually guarantees a successful career as well as numerous strategies to help you master it.
General Sessions:
Inside Sales and Social Selling for Extreme Results! - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue, President and Founder of InsideSales.com, shares recent research, tips, and best practices on how inside sales and social selling combine to help companies achieve extreme revenue results.

• See why companies are turning to inside sales and social media
• Learn how to bridge to assertive media to achieve better success
• Recent research on the most preferred and most used communication media for busy decision makers
• Learn the 7 Levels of Social Media
• Learn the 6 Core Skills of Social Media
Building an All-Star Sales Team - Nick Hedges Details Download
Building and retaining a highly motivated inside sales team is no easy job. But all-star status is attainable. Based on new industry research, discover the key practices that can take you and your team to the next level, including top factors that drive sales growth and success.
Persuasive Inquiry - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Research has revealed that the science of professional persuasion can greatly improve the ability of a seller to take a buyer through their journey. Sadly too few sellers know the predictable stages that buyers go through on their way to making decisions. The ability to recognize where a buyer is in their decision process, then ask questions and actively listen, is the difference between successful and mediocre inside sales professionals. During this talk Steve Richard will explore Persuasive Inquiry as an antidote to these challenges.
Its Not Your Fathers Sales Anymore - Bob Perkins Details Download
AA-ISP Founder and Merrill’s Vice President of Inside Sales, Bob Perkins, will offer his view on the leading trends of Inside Sales as it continues to grow and evolve as a profession. Bob will encourage and inspire attendees to take their own careers to new levels.
7 Sales Hacks To Insure You Exceed Quota In Q4 - Chad Burmeister Details Download
In this session, Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales & Marketing at ConnectAndSell, and Blogger at www.saleshack.com and highvelocitysales.wordpress.com, will introduce 7 "Sales Hacks" that will enable your sales team to exceed quota in Q4 and beyond. A few of the sales hacks that will be covered in this session include: The Dreamforce Hack, The Dinner Event Hack, and The Video Whiteboard Hack, and The LinkedIn Hack.
Best Practices for Inside Sales - Jeff Fontenot Details Download
Jeff will share valuable lessons he’s learned through the years that will help to both reps and leaders. He’ll discuss proven, best practices and ideas for management and for improving selling efforts.
Prospecting Optimization - Mind the Gap - Mike Scher Details Download
Are your prospecting efforts driving the results you want? Don’t miss this inspiring presentation focused on prospecting optimization. Explore a critical and often unrecognized gap between marketing and sales. Understanding this space and the impact it could have on your sales in 2014 will forever change your thinking about prospecting. All attendees will receive a complimentary, customized prospecting assessment.
Panel Discussion: Inside Sales Trends, Technologies, and Top Challenges - Bob Perkins Details Download
Join us for a fast paced conversation with several leading Inside Sales Experts as they discuss current trends, emerging tools and technologies as well as the challenges facing our community today. The audience will have ample opportunity to pose questions to the panelists.

Bob Perkins

Ken Krogue
Mike Scher
Lori Richardson
Steve Peck
AA-ISP Membership and You - Ashley Gagliano Details Download
Ashley Becker, Director of Member Services, discusses the company mission and explores the different membership opportunities at AA-ISP.
Breakout Sessions:
Power Selling: Maximizing the Value and Power of Your Sales to Drive Fast and Favorable Purchase Decisions - Andy Paul Details Download
What can you do to stand out in a crowd? That is the main challenge for sellers in today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive markets. And this challenge is made even more difficult for inside salespeople given the virtual nature of their relationship with their prospects and customers. In this session Andy will present powerful sales strategies that every inside seller can use at each step of their sales process to rise above the competition and move their prospects to make fast and favorable decisions.
New Independent Research - The Best Methods For Sales Training And Coaching - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
If you accept the premise that the only legitimate role of sales training is to transport salespeople from their current ability level to a desired level that creates a sustained increase in performance than you must attend this talk. You will learn research proven methods for improving the effectiveness of onboarding, product training, sales skills training, coaching and more.

The research shows that building a new skillset requires 9 to 12 practice sessions with nights of sleep (when the brain actually grows the connections that increase ability) between each session. One of the most interesting research findings is how to cut the number or required sessions in half.
Women & Inside Sales - Lori Richardson Details Download
Designed specifically for ladies, this fast paced, interactive session will examine some of the challenges and issues associated with advancing your career and getting along in a traditionally male dominated environment. Hear from our panelists that have not only overcome these challenges but have thrived. Bring your questions for the open Q&A portion.

Lori Richardson

Julie Beckius
Melissa Hester
Developing A Social Media Strategy Around LinkedIn - Details Download
In this fast paced session long time LinkedIn and Social Media Expert, Mike O’Neil will present the fundamental steps to create and implement an effective B2B Social Media strategy for sales and marketing.
Special Guest Sessions:
Selling at 90 Below Zero - Mike Pierce - "Antarctic Mike" Details Download
Antarctic Mike will showcase the principles and drivers of the Shackleton story and apply them to the real world of selling.

In today's world, sales people face similar conditions as those in the Antarctic 100 years ago such as:
1. Dealing with obstacles beyond your control.
2. Sudden and unexpected change.
3. Creating teams and cultures that work well under pressure.
4. Selling successfully while facing difficult and challenging circumstances.

Here are some examples of what you will learn in Mike's program that you can take home and implement in your organization immediately:
1. How to engage with customers at higher levels, earning their trust and business.
2. Developing ways to differentiate yourself and stand out from competitors.
3. Strengthening your self-confidence and sense of discipline.
4. Enabling sales people to leverage their talents to their full potential in their selling
activities, networking and building relationships.
5. Be more engaged, effective and profitable.

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