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Digital Sales World 2018 - San Francisco February 1st, 2018

All Sessions:
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Refrigerators are Internet-Enabled, What About Your Sales Skills? - Kurt Shaver Details Download
The Internet has brought about sweeping changes in products (e.g. NEST thermostats), services (e.g. Amazon) and business models (e.g. Uber). Have your sales skills kept pace to compete in the digital economy? Sure, you use email and the web every day, but have you built a strong personal brand online? Have you mastered advanced social prospecting skills? Are you leveraging personal video to differentiate yourself in a noisy marketplace?

Digital sales expert Kurt Shaver will explain the top digital sales strategies for 2018 and how you can capitalize on them.
9 Secret Elements of Highly Effective Sales Conversations - Amit Bendov Details Download
Join us as we unveil the 9 things that superstar reps do during their sales conversations, based on the analysis of over 1,000,000 sales call recordings.

This session will provide sales leaders with the exact things their most successful reps do, arming them with the insights they need to drive higher quota attainment across their entire team.

And reps will come away with 9 data-driven sales techniques they can put to use immediately to start closing more deals and bringing home bigger commission checks.

Amit Bendov, CEO of Gong, will lead us through these 9 data points, along with specific tips and techniques for implementing each one.
Making the Best Even Better - Joy Baldridge Details Download
In this quick, 5-minute tip from Joy, discover minor changes that will have a major impact on your sales activity and revenue results.
Who, When and Why: Maximizing Productivity through Automation and Analytics - Joshua Tillman Details Download
Over 90% of sales and service interactions occur over the phone. That means there is a mountain’s worth of data and, more importantly, key insights to be gained from your calls. Collecting data without analyzing or leveraging it is more than a missed opportunity—it’s a big failure to connect with today’s customers in the way they expect and demand.

Join DialSource CEO, Joshua Tillman in exploring how he and his team has spent more than a decade utilizing data to unlock new ways to measure opportunity, develop optimal processes and drive success for teams across industries, including financial services, technology, and sports.

Gain insight on calling the right targets, implementing strategies directly within your CRM, and making informed, data-driven decisions to move your organization to peak performance
Aspiring Leaders and Leadership Development: Programs for Promotion - Liz Johnson Details Download
This session will focus on how to build manager career-development programs, from individual contributors through senior leaders. You’ll learn why this is imperative to your organization’s growth and success. Individual contributors interested in leadership, current leaders who want to grow into senior leaders, and talent-development professionals who want to learn how to build aspiring leader and leadership career-pathing programs are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Sales Opportunity2 - the Digital Sales Multiplier Effect - Tina Babbi Details Download
Investments in digital marketing and sales can yield tremendous opportunity, especially if your selling system supports the multiplier effect.

Sales and marketing automation continue to make tremendous strides in expanding market reach, educating prospects, and tracking their interactions as they move down the sales funnel. But, in every complex B2B sale, professionals need to get involved to close the deal.

So, the key question is: are your inside sales and sales development reps creating a significant, positive, quantifiable multiplier effect to increase win rates and deal value?

Too often, there is a fundamental disconnect between what salespeople perceive to work and what actually works. The result is that oft-used tactics delay or doom opportunities.

Get the most out of your investment in digital selling. Learn about the deficiencies of modern-day selling systems and what you can do to ensure your salespeople don’t fail. Are you:

-Concerned that your salespeople struggle to differentiate your company and products in a competitive space?

-Frustrated that they continually push out the forecast? Deals just don’t get done?

-Angry about excessive discounting practices?

Join us as we discuss an approach to selling that leads to a more natural sales engagement. One that builds client trust, boosts your sales team’s morale, and drives superior performance. Indeed, a process that can produce the multiplier effect that you’re looking for.

Who should attend?
Inside Sales and Sales Development Professionals, Managers, Directors and VPs.

What you will learn?
A best-in-class sales approach that will transform your team’s performance.
Real AI for Real Sales - Chris Beall Details Download
Whether you are the CEO, a sales professional, or an SDR or BDR, you don’t want to miss this session. Chad Burmeister and Chris Beall will share insights into where sales is headed in 2018 and how artificial intelligence changes the game for sales professionals. You’ll learn how to leverage multi-channel sales acceleration, powered by artificial intelligence, to dominate your market. We’ll cover these topics and more:

•Leverage AI to personalize your emails to drive 2–3x lift in response rates
•Leverage AI to have more compelling sales conversations that will increase your conversion from conversation to meeting
•Integrate email, phone, and social outreach to reach your prospects the way they want to be reached
The Art of Listening - Cory Treffiletti Details Download
Being present, focused and attentive in your meetings is invaluable. The best salespeople understand that relationships are the core to selling. And, like any good relationship, you have to be focused on the needs of your partner. Cory can discuss the value of presence in meetings, and how to not only listen to your customers, but really hear what they are saying in order to provide better service, build stronger relationships and close more deals.
“Secure your own mask first” - A Guide for Leaders Looking to Create a Team That Can Accomplish Anything - Kevin Oliver Details Download
As the saying goes, “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” If you have a manager, are a manager or aspire to be a manager, this session is just what you’re looking for. You will takeaway new insights and parallels between sales, leadership and everyday life as Kevin discusses core values such as authenticity, courage, confidence, empowerment, and trust. We will dive into the mind of a sales leader and attempt to understand how our behaviors and interactions can contribute to extraordinary results or yet another high turnover statistic.
Inside Sales Training - What Bloggers Reveal About Training Needs - Richard Conde Details Download
Are you curious what type of training and information Inside Sales agents are seeking to gain? A 12-month study reviewing Inside-Sales-agent blogs help illuminate the information they are seeking through social media blogs. These findings reveal the top three sales activities agents want to improve, the phone activities they are looking to upgrade and their inquiries on social selling. After the session, you will be more aware of the sales training to provide your agents, the operational challenges others in the industry encounter and the emergence of social selling.
Introducing Buyer Personas: Make a Marketing Tool Work for Sales - Christian Blood, PhD Details Download
The purpose of this presentation is three-fold: (1) to introduce and explain Buyer Personas to those who are not yet familiar with them, (2) to strategize winning formulas for conducting buyer interviews, and (3) to discuss how Buyer Personas (long a fixture of marketing teams) can improve sales.

Marketers have been deploying Buyer Personas for nearly two decades now. More recently, sales teams have started to profit from the insights that these in-depth and, most importantly, authentic archetypes provide teams and firms smart enough to use them. In this presentation, we'll do a deep dive, covering the ins-and-outs of crafting high-quality, and therefore useful, Buyer Personas, paying particular attention to what differentiates them from other profiling tools. Then, as the open-ended interview is the heart of the Buyer Persona process, we will probe best practices for leading effective, productive conversations that solicit authentic, unexpected, and actionable insights. Finally, we will strategize not only ways to collaborate with marketing teams (who may already be using Buyer Personas), but also how to create fruitful and rigorous Buyer Personas of your own. Attendees will leave the presentation with a firm grasp over what Buyer Personas can do for them, and quick self-service tactics for starting the process themselves.

This presentation is intended for sales people who aren't familiar with Buyer Personas but are interested in learning more about them, and are moreover eager to discover quick strategies for implementing them in their sales teams. As well, this presentation will be helpful to anyone who wants to improve their interviewing abilities.
Digital Personalization Personified - Joy Baldridge Details Download
In this quick, 5-minute tip from Joy, learn how to come across effectively and succinctly when creating and sending digital video and audio messages.
CALL CAMP! - Steve Richard Details Download
What do the best reps do differently on their sales calls? What lessons can we learn from call recordings? How can we drive consistency and accountability at scale?

During this session, we will ‘break down’ real sales calls live on stage. You will walk away with an understanding of how to leverage a valuable asset – call recordings – that is likely going mostly unused in your company today. We’ll talk about onboarding, training, coaching, management process, and anything else you want. Steve will also make a few live cold calls on stage!
Exceed Your Company's Sales Goals By Leveraging Multi-Channel Communications - Jim Lochry Details Download
Sales has definitely evolved over the year with the availability of innovative approaches, training and technologies to help sales transform their organizations and optimize their effectiveness. The presentation discusses the importance of an integrated approach with the CRM and the multi-channels of email, voice, text, social and direct mail to facilitate exceeding your sales goals, and will share a use case and ROI.
How Do You Help Sales Reps Drive 'Personality' in the Digital Sales Experience - Dianna Geairn Details Download
with Shawn Karol Sandy...

What do sellers need to be able to develop and express their personal brand and not fall into the "persona" trap? Sales leaders need to help reps create continuity of experience across channels while still supporting individual creativity and expression that is increasingly important to the growing field of millennial sales reps.

In this fun and energetic session, you'll learn:

• WHY "Personality" is a competitive advantage that helps you close sales faster, attract/retain sales talent, and improve revenue
• WHAT Sales Leaders need to do to coach, support and encourage team members in how to develop and leverage their unique personalities
• HOW to use the hottest medium in 5 different ways to advance sales - starting right NOW!
Workshop 1: The Modern Sales Workshop to Transform YOU into a Modern Seller - Mario Martinez Jr. Details Download
We’ve always done sales the way we’ve always done it and it always worked. But just like the world was revolutionized when the telephone came into existence, social networks and consumer personalization have revolutionized the way we engage with our buyers, DRAMATICALLY!

In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques and tips to leverage email, digital, video, texting and social correctly to address the question – "Why aren’t my buyers responding to ME!"

This will be an interactive workshop with live demonstrations and hands-on practice. You will walk away with at least three techniques to get your buyers to respond to you.
Workshop 2 - Visionary Leadership: Curating and Sustaining an Elite Organizational Culture - Colonel BP McCoy USMC (Ret.) Details Download
This workshop will help leaders lead with passion while inspiring their teams to great performance! BP McCoy, former Marine combat veteran, business executive, wilderness expedition leader and author of "The Passion of Command: the Moral Imperative of Leadership", will share lessons from the battlefield, boardroom and remote mountain ranges to help attendees build an energized organization through Clarity, Consistency, and employee Connection.

This is a hands-on, introspective, leadership training where leaders will walk away with hard skills they can immediately leverage to set an elite culture in their sales organizations while inspiring their workforce…. the biggest competitive advantage a company can have. The 90-minute workshop will include the three key modules of Clarity, Consistency and Connection. Learn new ways to have clarity around your vision, consistency in delivering results on your intentions, and methods to establish personal connection through the social energy pathways of empathy, trust and authenticity.

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