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AA-ISP Inside Sales 2014 - Boston September 9th, 2014

General Sessions:
The 12 C's of Social Selling - Ken Krogue Details Download
The 12 C's of Social Selling
• The 6 Basic Skills of Social Media
• The 6 Stages from Social Nurturing to Social Selling to Thought Leadership
• How Inside Sales and Social Selling go together
• The right social platforms for to achieve your goals
• The very latest social selling research and breakthroughs
5 Metrics for Growing Your Team Effectively - Fred Shilmover Details Download
This presentation will focus on the key metrics necessary for fast-growing teams, including lead generation, pipeline coverage, and bookings goals.
Building an All-Star Sales Team - Nick Hedges Details Download
Building and retaining a highly motivated inside sales team is no easy job. But all-star status is attainable. Based on new industry research, discover the key practices that can take you and your team to the next level, including top factors that drive sales growth and success.
Persuasive Inquiry - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Research has revealed that the science of professional persuasion can greatly improve the ability of a seller to take a buyer through their journey. Sadly too few sellers know the predictable stages that buyers go through on their way to making decisions. The ability to recognize where a buyer is in their decision process, then ask questions and actively listen, is the difference between successful and mediocre inside sales professionals. During this talk Steve Richard will explore Persuasive Inquiry as an antidote to these challenges.
Operationalizing Your Inside Sales Game to Drive Results - Mark Ruthfield Details Download
Enable your inside sales team to drive more ROI by operationalizing the sales process. Leverage existing tools in the marketplace to automate and accelerate the sales cycle. Join Mark Ruthfield, Vice President of Sales at ZoomInfo, as he takes you through the essential steps to expanding your wallet.
Prospecting Optimization - Mind the Gap - Mike Scher Details Download
Are your prospecting efforts driving the results you want? Don’t miss this inspiring presentation focused on prospecting optimization. Explore a critical and often unrecognized gap between marketing and sales. Understanding this space and the impact it could have on your sales in 2014 will forever change your thinking about prospecting. All attendees will receive a complimentary, customized prospecting assessment.
Hiring, On-Boarding, & Sales Acceleration Strategies - Chad Burmeister Details Download
In this session, Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales & Marketing at ConnectAndSell, will share lessons learned that will help in your HIRING, ON-BOARDING, & SALES ACCELERATION Strategies. Mr Burmeister, voted 5 years in a row as a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the AA-ISP, and Director of AA-ISP Frontline Fridays, will share exactly how he staffed a sales team of 9 Sales Professionals in < 3 weeks, he’ll share how to create an on- boarding program that works, and he’ll share tricks & tips on bringing velocity to your sales organization.
The Role of Social for Inside Sales Teams - Richard Brasser Details Download
Moderated by Kristen Lawrence
Presenter - Richard Brasser
Presenter - Grant Wilson

In today’s sales environment, the connected buyer is self-educating, researching, and forming buying decisions before sales professionals can connect on the phone. Join Richard Brasser, CEO at rFactr, and Grant Wilson, Managing Partner at Force Management, as they discuss best practices and benefits of implementing a social sales enablement program for your inside sales team.

Topics that will be discussed:
• The evolving sales force and selling to the “connected buyer.”
• Overcoming challenges in implementing social sales.
• Rolling out a social sales program: Key differences between marketing and sales.
• Implementing social sales practices: Success stories from seasoned social sellers.
AA-ISP Membership & You - Ashley Gagliano Details Download
Ashley Becker, Director of Member Services, discusses the company mission and explores the different membership opportunities at AA-ISP.
Breakout Sessions:
Turn Your A-Players Into Coaches - Tawheed Kader (TK) Details Download
TK, CEO at ToutApp, and his team gets to work with the top sales teams across multiple verticals. What's the one thing that they've found differentiates top performing sales teams from the ones that fall behind? The sales teams that work together, that collaborate, and that share information outperform the others. In this session, TK will talk about how you can use Analytics and Collaboration to turn your A-players into coaches and up the game across your whole sales team.
5 Strategies for Building a Social Sales Team - John Mayhall Details Download
“Social selling,” a buzzword among sales leaders these days, is nothing more than a fancy way of engaging buyers via social to build relationships founded on trust and transparency. A simple concept; but how can you bring it to life for your team? In this presentation, John Mayhall, SMB Sales Leader, will share 5 key strategies that he used to implement social selling within his own team at LinkedIn””and the results that prove the team’s success.
10 Qualities of a Great Sales Manager - Matthew Bellows Details Download
The transition from salesperson to sales manager is often the most difficult move of a sales career. The skills that make a great closer are often in opposition to those that make a great team leader. Moreover, in fast-growing companies, the opportunities for managerial training are scarce. In this talk, Matthew Bellows will describe the top 10 essential qualities of an excellent sales manager. Drawing on his own experiences at Yesware and beyond, as well as data and insights from some of Yesware's customers' most successful sales managers, this talk will illuminate the job of a sales manager and provoke discussion about what these leaders must do.
Data Intelligence Will Help You - Mark Vashon Details Download
Sales organizations are awash in data, but rarely take advantage of it to increase sales. In this talk, Mark will talk about what big data means for sales leaders, and how they should think about data intelligence for sales performance optimization.

Mark’s talk will include:
• Why data intelligence is becoming a critical tool for sales people and sales leaders.
• Real world examples of how companies have used data to improve sales performance.
• Advice on how sales leaders can better use the data they already have.
We Have To Stop Meeting Like This - Mike Muhlfelder Details Download
The world of B2B sales is evolving at an unprecedented rate and evolving globally. More of our selling is being done remotely rather than face to face and all signs indicate that this trend will continue. In order to maximize in this new paradigm, sales management has to be in tune with new solutions that are available to maximize efficiency of their reps (and their customers) as well as to ensure that meeting procedures are defined and followed. Join this session with Mike Muhlfelder, Senior Director NA Enterprise Sales, LogMeIn to hear how his team uses collaboration solutions and techniques to facilitate meetings and collaboration internally, as well as with customer and prospects.
Getting Prospects to the Open Zone - Tom Stanfill Details Download
Creating a relationship out of thin air is hard but it's nearly impossible over the phone. More than 90% of decision-makers, when finding themselves on the other end of the line with a sales rep, become exceptionally inventive as to why they have zero availability to discuss or need for a solution they can't spell - far less than when being approached face-to face. And it doesn't get much better when approaching the prospect via email. The results are almost the same but instead of delivering a well-crafted false objections to the unknown solution, they just simply hit delete. There is a better way. But it's counter intuitive to most everything you've learned about selling and influence. And it's not about making more calls or beefing up your value proposition. It's about bolstering receptivity.

In this session, Tom Stanfill, CEO of Aslan Training, will share insights learned from over 18 years of research about enhancing receptivity over the phone - whether at the very beginning of the sales life cycle or if making the final pitch. You will learn why most approaches fail and a few simple techniques to engaging even the most resistant prospects and ensuring your message lands on fertile ground.
Manage Things - Lead People - Trish Bertuzzi Details Download
The Bridge Group Inc., in conjunction with VorsightBP, recently surveyed 2K frontline Sales Reps and Managers. What they learned shocked them. In terms of Net Promoter, Sales Reps views their roles as favorably as the general public views the Airlines and Credit Card companies (aka not well!).

Join Trish Bertuzzi as she presents the research and findings, focusing on the 4 pillars for motivating and retaining Sales Reps. Those that build on these pillars walk away a sales leader and not just a sales manager.
Social Media Tips For Sales That You Don't Know Yet - Patrick O'Malley Details Download
In this session, I will show you some of the most cutting edge techniques you can use in social media to help facilitate sales. Some of the take aways will include:

- How to search through only your best client's connections for prospect with similar titles, and how to leverage your client to make the cold call warmer
- How to use YouTube to capture and promote testimonials
- How to use Google alerts to get emails when "trigger events" are happening on LinkedIn, like when a person gets promoted to a job that makes them a new prospect
- Other innovative social media techniques

Come join us and learn some useful, money-making techniques in social media.
Women & Inside Sales - Laurie Page Details Download
Designed specifically for ladies, this fast paced, interactive session will examine some of the challenges and issues associated with advancing your career and getting along in a traditionally male dominated environment. Hear from our panelists that have not only overcome these challenges but have thrived. Bring your questions for the open Q&A portion.

Moderator: Laurie Page

Panel includes:
Natasha Miller Sekkate
Cathy Bilafer
Elizabeth Cain
Measure, Motivate, and Improve Employees - Travis Truett Details Download
I want to personally challenge every conference attendee. You are here for a reason. You are Sales Leaders, experts, innovators. In this 30 minute presentation we’ll discuss new tools and game-changing practices to gain the insights necessary and leverage data to coach and motivate your sales organization to success.

Like sports, sales is always about finding that competitive edge and constant improvement. Three innovative new approaches to sales data will enable you to do so, and they will be the focus of this discussion:

I. Advanced Metrics
II. Healthy Competition
III. Automated Triggers

Quantified-Self is about using real-time, advanced data to motivate and improve yourself. Its time sales made those same improvements.
Special Guest Sessions:
The Seasons of Life (Change, Attitude, Perseverance) - Richard Coffey Details Download
• Do you know who your customers are?
• Do you know where your customer is in the buying process?
• Do you know what buying mode they are in?

Knowing who influences the buying decision in an account may seem obvious and simple; however this is a step often misunderstood.

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