AA-ISP Roundtable: Overcoming Common Selling and Renewal Challenges During the Perpetual to SaaS Migration

May 25th, 2022 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST/EDT

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May's AA-ISP Roundtable will focus on common challenges sales and renewal teams are facing and provide ideas to overcome them.

Areas of focus will include: 

  • Internal teams to create a frictionless transformation
  • Establishing and benchmarking your performance KPIs
  • Evolving sales operations to a new business model
  • Best practices around training renewals and sales teams for success

Session Format: 
Moderators will help guide the conversations around this topic by posing questions to participants for large group discussions. Bring your questions about this topic to pose to the group.

Please Note:

This is NOT a webinar - meaning all who join will be asked to participate in the discussion. Moderators will lead the conversation but please be ready to share your specific challenges around this topic.

Roundtables are not recorded as we encourage all leaders to share openly.

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