AA-ISP Austin Chapter: *Virtual Revolution* – Maximize Your Online Impact in 2021 Sales Meetings & Events

June 17th, 2021 6:00pm - 7:00pm CST

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Your sales team had to adjust to virtual meetings on-the-fly in 2020 – making due with whatever workarounds your company could manage.

Now that 2021 is approaching, it’s time to equip your sales professionals with the training and tools to take their virtual meetings to the next level with dynamic content strategies, personalization techniques and interactivity tools to better engage your prospects and clients throughout the year!

What would your company's ROI be on a workshop that can make your sales team 20% – 50% more effective during virtual meetings?

Attendees will learn:

    • Be strategic about your appearance! Break from the "hunched over laptop" norms and discover how standing, gesturing and eye-contact can help you establish stronger connections with your virtual meeting attendees.
    • Maximize alignment between what you have to say and what your prospects and clients want to hear! Explore the keys to a compelling message, how to structure your content modularly and how to create navigational sales presentations.
    • With the virtual world at our fingertips, there are so many ways we can drive engagement with prospects and clients: live polls, virtual webcam software, democratized Q&A and more. Get creative!



  • The best virtual meeting I’ve attended this year. I can’t think of another workshop that was more useful.
    Cameron Wilson, Business Development at Capital Impact
  • The interactivity and dynamic meeting flow made the workshop especially engaging. Immediately after the workshop I incorporated brilliant practices that will forever be part of my presentations going forward.
    Kevin Verde, Cloud Evangelist at Onix
  • Luke respects his audience. He is energetic, his information is practical and he has a conversational style that keeps you engaged. His use of technology is inspiring.
    – Colleen Stewart, Sr. Consultant at Perfect Pitch


You’ll leave this workshop with practical, actionable insights to make your prospect meetings, client consultations and virtual events highly compelling experiences – and you won’t need to be a technical guru to make it happen.


See you online!


This AA-ISP Austin Chapter Meeting is FREE to attend and open to all levels of sales professionals.

This 1-hour workshop will be conducted as a Zoom Meeting, meaning we will all have the ability to talk live, share our thoughts, challenges or experiences, and use our webcams for maximum interaction.

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