An Early Foundation
AA-ISP helps professionals who are just entering the sales profession to build a solid foundation for a future career in sales. As a CSDR® recipient, you will be well on your way to sales success.
The Education You Need
As a Sales Development Representative, you are measured on your ability to make a successful and positive connection with a prospect. AA-ISP's content gets you there with tools, strategies, and practice scenarios that prepare you for success every time.
The Career Path Continues
As a CSDR® recipient, you will know how to conduct pre-research on every prospect (Course 3), set appropriate goals and expectations for your prospect calls (Course 3), conduct an effective Prospecting Call (Course 4), and how and when to move a prospect to a qualifying phase (Course 4). These skills will get you ready to move to the next level of your career.

The Details

  • For Early-Stage Sales Reps
  • Web-Based Accreditation Program
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 4 Course Modules
  • 2 - 4 Weeks to Certification
  • Audio & Video Learning Options


  • AA-ISP Professional Members: $575
  • AA-ISP Associate & Non-Members: $675