Our community’s first platform which delivers on the promise of Social Selling

The AA-ISP knows very well the current challenge and frustration of sales teams who try to adopt and measure the ROI of social selling. Today’s sales leaders are responsible for the performance and measurement of outbound calls, pipeline, engagement, activity and ROI against quota... but how are you measuring the success of your team’s social outreach?

AA-ISP Social is an extremely easy to use, guided selling platform which delivers customizable, daily recommendations to each team member, enabling them to take the right social actions, at the right time, in order to maximize revenue generating outcomes.

AA-ISP Social contains three critical pillars which enables modern day social selling:


  • Guides, trains, and reinforces your team through social selling skills and behaviors
  • Streamlines Your Team’s LinkedIn Settings
  • Tracking of your SSI (Social Selling Index) score
  • Your team understands WHY social selling is an important part of their sales process


  • Connects with the right prospects on social
  • Easy sharing of relevant, company-approved content from the Article Library
  • Execute the social behaviors that increase prospect acquisition and engagement
  • Action opportunity-related tasks from Salesforce integration to accelerate deals
  • Takes the hard work out of using social… provides reps with simple step-by-step, guided process


  • Social Gamification provides team motivation around social selling activity and results
  • Develops a best-in-class professional, highly specific and relevant profile
  • Brand amplification across the entire sales organization… not just a few “social savvy” reps
  • Targeted content based on product, team or market

See for yourself how AA-ISP Social will change the game for your entire sales team.

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