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Sendoso is the leading Sending Platform. The fully integrated solution solves sourcing, physical warehouse storage, inventory tracking, and ROI attribution problems so that businesses can send anything and personalize at scale.

Sendoso is the leading Sending Platform (SP). We exist to solve a modern problem: Digital noise has turned into spam, but sending direct mail and physical gifts as a business strategy is hard to scale because of the many time-consuming and fragmented processes involved. By marrying technology with logistics, we help businesses rise above the noise and elevate the quality of relationships across the company lifecycle. We solve the time-consuming problems with sourcing quality vendors, warehouse storage, inventory tracking, shipping, measuring ROI, personalizing at scale, and more. Our fully integrated cloud solution enables companies to easily source, store, ship, and measure ROI for everything they ever need to send: direct mail, physical gifts, plants, perishables, customer rewards, company swag, handwritten notes, gift cards, and anything else. Sendoso customers include Salesforce, Adobe, RollWorks, and Zuora. Founded in 2017, Sendoso is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, please visit www.sendoso.com.

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Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2017
# of Employees: 100 - 500
Regions Served: International

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