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Outreach is the only Sales Execution Platform that unlocks seller productivity, so that sales teams can efficiently create and close more pipeline.

Outreach provides the only completeSales Execution Platform empowering the entire sales organization — from sellers to front-line managers, ops, and sales leaders — to create more pipeline efficiently and predictably close more deals.

Outreach is the only company that provides a single platform for all selling activities, unlocking seller productivity from start to finish across the entire sales cycle. We deliver all of the workflows and insights that AEs need to prospect and build pipeline, host sales calls, navigate buying committees, and manage deals to close. Sales Managers and Sales Leaders have a complete picture of the entire sales cycle at a glance. They can quickly identify risks and intervene to accelerate deal velocity and increase pipeline conversion and rep productivity.

With Workflows for Sales Engagement, Opportunity Management, Mutual Success Plans, Conversation Intelligence, Deal Health Insights, Rep Coaching, Pipeline Management, and Forecasting, Outreach is the only complete Sales Execution Platform on the market. The scale of Outreach’s platform means that we can offer a single solution at a lower total cost of ownership than the dozens of overlapping point solutions typically used by sales teams today.

The bottom line: Outreach is the Sales Execution company empowering sales teams to create and close more pipeline.

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Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2012
# of Employees: 500+
Regions Served: International

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