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Give your sales team superpowers with 24/7 AI, automate scheduling meetings with prospects, explode your pipeline and shrink your sales cycle. The best kind of sales tech fills up the calendar, not your to-do list.

Kronologic converts more of your leads into meetings and fills up your sales team's calendars. With no work for your sales team, and only a single-click from prospects, leads convert to meetings and pipeline creation and bookings dramatically increase. Kronologic allows sellers to be omnipresent, ensures a great buyer experience, and allows Marketing to get data they’ve never had before.

Sitting between the CRM and the calendar, Kronologic listens to timing signals that a prospect or account is ready to speak with Sales and then goes to work on behalf of the seller to lock in a meeting. To the buyer, it feels like a company and a seller that are in tune with their needs. To the sales rep, it feels like magic - they walk into work with meetings already confirmed on their calendar.

At Kronologic, we believe the best kind of sales tech fills up your calendar, not your to-do list.

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