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Close more deals by sending sales content with personalized video reminders, live chat and e-signature. We’re the Digital Sales Room platform for the best remote selling experience.

GetAccept is on a mission to radically redefine the way companies run sales. GetAccept is a sales engagement platform offering a Digital Sales Room leveraging features such as proposal templates, content creation, video presentation and chat, eSignature, document tracking and analytics. Easy accessible in one place, for buyers and sellers to create the best digital remote experience throughout the whole decision process.

We believe in a world where buyers are confident in their purchasing habits and sellers are trustworthy partners enabling fast decisions.

Not only has the length of the B2B buying process increased for the
majority of businesses, but a staggering number of their deals end up in the “valley of death.” This is where 60 percent of all offers/quotes are lost due to indecision or simply going unanswered.

We are here to change that, by bringing personal and engaging interactions back to the digital sales process.



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AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Leaving Ping Pong Selling in the Past | Solution Building With Your Buyer

Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2015
# of Employees: 100 - 500
Regions Served: International

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