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About Reality Works, LLC

Reality Works (formerly Phone Works) is a sales strategy and implementation consultancy that has helped over 450 large and small companies across industries plan, build, test or improve inside sales teams, based on Sales 2.0 practices: measurable, predictable revenue and superior customer engagement and retention, enabled by technology. Visit us at and

Customer Feedback

The Best in the Country

I've talked with several clients of PhoneWorks and they all tell me that their services are worth every penny!

Posted by Kevin Gaither on Feb 23rd, 2012.

Phoneworks brings talent to your leadership team

For 3 years, I have been in and around PhoneWorks through the Tele-Business Alliance in the Bay Area. I also had the benefit of getting a full report from them for my current employer recommending several industry best practices for our Inside Sales group. Sally Duby and Anneke Seley are industry veterans and would recommend PhoneWorks to any company looking to take their team to the next level of professionalism and performance.

Posted by Chad Burmeister on Dec 1st, 2010.

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Reality Works, LLC
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