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Accelerate your growth with ZoomInfo®, an Inc. 5000 company. ZoomInfo's Growth Acceleration Platform offers the most accurate and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence to help organizations accelerate growth and profitability. The continuously updated database enables sales and marketing teams to execute more effective marketing campaigns and improve sales prospecting efforts with access to on demand direct dial phone numbers, email addresses, and background information.

ZoomInfo® can help you close the deal by zeroing in on targeted prospects and decision makers, obtaining detailed profiles and background information on valuable contacts at the companies you care most about, warming up your cold calls, and cleaning, growing and updating your database. Quickly build a massive pipeline that'll drive your success and ramp up productivity!

For more information, visit www.zoominfo.com or call 866-904-9666.

Customer Feedback

Excellent Partners!

I have been associated with ZoomInfo for the last 3 odd years. I still remember the time when we were evaluating sales intelligence software for our inside sales team in India (Noida). On assessing multiple options, we choose ZoomInfo for 3 major reasons - ease of use, enormous dynamic database, and a great sales/support team to work with. We have never regretted our decision and have thoroughly enjoyed the association. My team has been utilizing this tool to the core with great prospecting results. Deals are getting bigger and closures becoming faster than ever. There's never been a dull moment.

Eric Osborne (our relationship manager) at ZoomInfo has been a great partner. He's there to help at the drop of a hat, responds to emails quicker than I can blink, and proactively provides us with ways to better use the tool. I would highly recommend ZoomInfo to anyone looking for the best prospecting tool with zero maintenance involved.

Posted by Hemant Ramnani on Feb 22nd, 2017.


Zoominfo is life changing!

Posted by Matt Ramirez on Feb 22nd, 2017.

Amazing Tool & Support Staff

Time is money, and I save a lot of it now by using Zoom. I used to spend about 70% of my time just doing research for the right prospecting list, which usually ended up being inaccurate or very outdated with my past vendors.

Since I've switched to Zoom, I now spend about only 20% of my time doing research and the remaining time actually prospecting and getting deals.

Their support staff is even better. Whenever I've had a question or needed assistance creating a simple or complex list, they've walk through the entire process with me to make sure I'm getting what I need and learning how to do it.

I can't say enough great things about this company. Keep up the awesome work Zoom Info!

Posted by Michelle Pretty on Feb 22nd, 2017.


Extremely reliable information that cuts prospecting time in half!

Posted by Wayne Vaughan on Feb 22nd, 2017.

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