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About Funnel Clarity (VorsightBP)

Funnel Clarity, formerly VorsightBP, is a professional training and performance improvement company focused on:

• Turning sales people into enthusiastic and efficient prospectors
• Improving every seller’s ability to help customers make better buying decisions
• Converting sales managers into effective force multipliers

We believe in providing a clear path for success through proven methods. Go to for helpful content on the science of prospecting, lead qualification, selling, and sales management.

Customer Feedback

Ongoing Support

I found Vorsight's training to be extremely helpful in my Business Development role. We were given a two day training course where one of the reps came in and spent time explaining all of the areas that Vorsight would benefit our team. The training was very interactive and fun which kept the focus in our group, and allowed us to better understand how to put the training to use on a daily basis. Once we had completed the training, Vorsight also did coaching calls with us for a few weeks to ensure everyone was still on track, and assisted us with any challenges we have come into. Amazing training and trainers!

Posted by Marlee Hopewell-Gay on Apr 4th, 2016.

Vorsight- 5 stars

We've worked with the Vorsight team for well over 5 years. The insight that Jill and Tom have provided has been invaluable. Whenever I'm unsure what the next step should be, they're the first people I'd reach out to!

Posted by Erin Obrien on Mar 30th, 2016.

Practical and Relevant

I found Vorsight's training very useful. It was interactive and focused on the realities of prospecting. I would recommend this training to anyone working in sales.

Posted by Conor Noonan on Mar 29th, 2016.

Vorsight BP makes you better

As a sales professional and sales manager Vorsight BP has made myself a better prospector, a better manager and more importantly a better consultant to my customers. Great content presented with passion and conviction.

Posted by Jim Kepka on Mar 29th, 2016.

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Funnel Clarity (VorsightBP)
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