About Seamless.AI

Seamless.ai delivers the world's best sales leads. We help companies maximize revenue, increase sales and acquire their total addressable market instantly using artificial intelligence.

The company was built by a group of sales and technology entrepreneurs who are working hard to disrupt an entire industry. Throughout the team's previous experience working with IBM Interactive, Google, Facebook, Salesforce and Marketo among others, they quickly realized that in order to maximize revenue growth, you need to have as many leads as possible to acquire your total addressable market.

Today it is very expensive, difficult and time consuming for companies to acquire their total addressable market. This is costing the global economy trillions..

Now, imagine a world where it’s Seamless to acquire with your total addressable market instantly using A.I. We imagined it, and then we delivered it.

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438 E Wilson Bridge Rd #202
Worthington, OH 43085


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