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About SalesLeads

SalesLeads is the most effective way to target and engage with your ideal prospects. SalesLeads helps companies of all sizes accelerate their sales process and drive revenue growth through customized prospect targeting and relevant insights.

According to Gardner, "67% of a salesperson's time is spent on non-selling activities - research, data entry and busy work."

We do the research, so your team can focus on selling!

SalesLeads works with clients to define their ideal leads, decision makers, key buying signals and insights. Then using powerful technology, our team of experienced researchers deliver precision-targeted prospects directly to your sales team.

Customer Feedback

The targeting is awesome

Our inside sales reps need to talk with very specific decision makers and roles within our target companies; which was difficult information for us to either buy or find internally. For years, we bought generic lists from and InfoGroup, but then our reps would have to either research the best contacts or call to find more.

Now that we're working with SalesLeads, we have eliminated that work for our reps. We get custom lists that are built using our lead criteria. The information is very specific and accurate.

Posted by David on Aug 8th, 2016.

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