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About Outreach

Outreach is an enterprise communication platform for sales. We make enterprise sales organizations more efficient and effective by optimizing their communication process for reps and team managers. We provide a unified communication platform with an intuitive interface that helps sales reps communicate more effectively through any channel, and provide managers with the tools to monitor and improve their team's performance.

Customer Feedback

AMAZING place to work and AMAZING culture of caring for customers

I have never before worked at a place that cared so much for the customers success. From the newest SDR to the head of success every single employee at Outreach cares deeply for the success of those using our platform and will do anything in their power to make our customers successful.

Posted by Alex Lynn on Mar 29th, 2017.

Top Sales Automation Platform

Outreach is hands-down the top sales automation platform on the market today. We've been using it for 6 months here at Ambition and it is the most robust sales enablement tool we've ever used.

Everyone seems to overpromise in this particular space - except these guys. We use Salesforce, Pardot and Outreach to do the vast majority of our prospect communication - Outreach is the beloved company favorite, hands down. They deserve to be recognized as the top sales automation platform this year.

Posted on Feb 26th, 2016.

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