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The Sensational Salesman

by Duane Cummings

AA-ISP member since 2015

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About The Sensational Salesman

A Second Chance Story: Providing a Simple Path to Improving Your Relationships, Career, and Life

Lots of books claim they will change your life, but they rarely give you a map to follow. If you have been searching for answers about how to improve your current situation, look no further. The Sensational Salesman serves as a must-have manual for achieving success in business and life. The insights in this story are rarely taught in formal education settings or the workplace, but they are fundamental to achieving lifelong happiness and fulfillment.

This is the inspiring parable of Thomas Frickle, a young salesman whose life quickly unravels, only to be put back on course thanks to the help of mentors who teach him crucial lessons. It is entertaining and easy to follow. With lessons on topics such as relationships, communication, and goal setting, this story will provide you with a step-by-step blueprint for how to achieve the personal and professional success you desire and deserve. Even the most educated mind will be enlightened by the way the key building blocks needed for success in all aspects of your life are presented here. Each chapter reveals a new lesson, building on the previous one and utilizing real world examples that you can begin applying immediately. This is a timeless story and a valuable book for young and old alike.

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ISBN: 978-1-50432-842-5

Customer Feedback

Flip your world upside down!

Duane Cummings a servant to others, what a noble concept and one I truly believe in. Duane Changed my world with one statement: "Flip the Org Chart". Don't manage your down line - serve them as your up line. To this day, I work for the team! If you have not ready this book, by all means do, it is powerful, passionate and full of wisdom! Thanks Duane - PW

Posted by Paula White on Mar 11th, 2017.

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The Sensational Salesman
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