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About Factor 8

Factor 8 is an award-winning sales & management training firm catering only to inside sales. This isn’t your old boss’s field training! Every class is written specifically for the challenges we face working our books, getting a hold of decision makers & keeping their attention, getting call backs, and showing value over the phone.

We’re best known for putting Reps live on the phones getting results during training. Our Expert Advisors put 15+ years of inside sales experience to work coaching your team’s messaging and delivery. Then we train your Managers to keep Rep skills alive.

Regularly getting 30 – 70% uplifts in revenue and up to 300% increase in quota attainment has kept our clients coming back and making Factor 8 a 100% repeat, referral, and inbound business. New for 2017: We’re proud to announce new tracks for Business Development, ISE, Acquisition, Account Management, Inbound, and Customer Success/ Cross-sell Up-sell.

If it’s time to get more revenue from your headcount, visit our booth or www.factor8.com.

Customer Feedback

Interactive Sales Training

Enjoyed the Sales Training by Kathleen Liles and appreciated the level of involvement and interaction between trainers and individuals/group. It is valuable to practice a new skill as soon as you learn it and even better to have a mentor/trainer listen and provide critical feedback with directions for improvements. This training was helpful and a great use of our time to sharpen our sales skills and become a better Consultant.

Posted by Kristin Perkinson on Dec 4th, 2017.

Excellent Experience

I had the pleasure of attending a 2.5 day training led by Kathleen & Michael. Their extensive experience, positive energy and ability to simplify the cadence made this one of the most enjoyable and impactful trainings I have ever attended.

Highly Recommended

Posted by Patrick on Dec 4th, 2017.

Best sales training ever!

I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day training with John Healy.
The most engaging, relevant and interesting sales training I have ever attended!

Posted by Richard on Dec 1st, 2017.

Back to the Basics

I just finished my Inside Sales training with John Healy. It was definitely worthwhile my time. Nothing really new - if you are in sales for a while you should know what John was talking about. But I guess I am not the only one who is not always applying what one knows. In any case, well presented in a refreshing and interactive way- also suitable for Europeans :). Would definitely recommend John and back to Basics again!

Posted by Bianca Baust on Dec 1st, 2017.

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