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About Factor 8

Factor 8 provides 3 key services:
1. Sales Floor Benchmarking – helping sales centers see where they stack up against industry best practices and devise plans to improve.

2. Custom Sales Training- When we train front-line sales and management teams, we share proven phone-selling tactics, messaging suggestions, and coaching. This isn't just another sales theory class!

3. Custom Sales Floor Solutions: Full-scale rep on-boarding programs, career paths and sales playbooks help sales leaders scale operations, tackle new sales roles, and consistently outperform quota.

Customer Feedback

Oustanding sales training and refreshing approach

I was hugely impressed with Factor 8. I have been through numerous sales trainings in the past and this was without doubt the best. Steve's hands on approach and excellent facilitation ensured everyone of the team was engaged and bought in to the conversation and outcomes. The training was not your usual power point heavy session and was very much geared around the specifics of the rep role and their day to day challenges and the specific products. However the real value from this training comes from the practice. Factor 8 ensure everything discussed and learnt is put in to practice and actioned either through the listening of call recordings or monitoring live calls. This is ensures that the learnings are actioned and become embedded in to the day to day of the business. This is the best way for sales reps to learn and really supports in removing the fear of a new approach to calls. Overall Factor 8 take a reall collaborative coaching approach, which is more intuned with a successful outcome than the usual sales training.

Posted by Chris Stafford on Mar 21st, 2017.

Great training tailored spefically for my team.

Steve understood the key outcomes we wanted to achieve with the team from the training, quickly learned as much as he could about our business to understand the challenges the team faces. In 2 days Steve was able to change the mind-set of the team give them some great tools to get to who they need to speak to effectively, quickly engage the decision maker and to close up-sell and cross sell opportunities.
I would highly recommend Factor 8 to any organisation who has specific challenges and wants to go from good to great.

Posted by Steven Gurr on Mar 21st, 2017.

Effective Training

Great training program. Steve is a very good trainer and fashioned the program to meet RedVector's needs!

Posted by Bob Rozema on Mar 16th, 2017.

Hands on Approach

Great training process. The smaller breakout sessions and jumping right on the phones to incorporate the new skills learned into our pitch was very helpful. Steve and Lauren had some great advice!

Posted by Rocco Ragano on Mar 16th, 2017.

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Factor 8
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