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About ExecVision by Vorsight

Every day, there are countless business conversations happening within your organization that hold a wealth of information. The problem is that these valuable insights about your prospects and clients aren’t always leveraged to improve team performance and processes.

ExecVision’s all-in-one call analysis platform allows you to extract the important information hidden in every conversation your team has. The ExecVision SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence and the sales calls your company is already making to identify and flag key moments in those conversations. These engagement signals are used to drive best practices, encourage coaching, and increase revenue performance. Most organizations fail to do anything with the recordings they have, yet these conversations hold valuable teaching moments for all kinds of sales reps.

Better data drives better decisions, and better conversations result in more conversions. With ExecVision, business leaders have the insights to transform their organization’s performance and frontline teams have the feedback they need to continuously improve.

Just like a winning sports team, your organization could be using ‘game film’ to review and coach your sales reps. ExecVision provides a platform to review performance and address issues and highlights. It allows executives, managers, and reps to better understand what is happening on the front-lines of your organization in order to cut new employee ramp times, fatten pipelines, boost close rates, and diminish churn.

Customer Feedback

Really Helpful Call Coaching Software

ExecVision has been an extremely helpful tool to help improve calls and demos with our team. It was especially helpful because of how fast we grew. Being able to highlight and provide notes right there on the platform and share that with the person sped up their improvement. The support we have received has been incredible as well. They are super responsive whenever we have questions.

Posted by Adam Walsh on Mar 30th, 2018.

Great for helping SDR's get better on the phone

ExecVision has been extremely helpful to the TopOPPS SDR team by helping us break down our calls and find out what areas need improvement. I would highly recommend this for any SDR team who wants to improve their phone skills.

Posted by Jansen Darst on Mar 28th, 2018.

Works well and is helpful

The Execvision tool works well and is very helpful. Listening, breaking down, and reviewing my calls with my manager has been enormously beneficial.

Posted by David Master on Mar 28th, 2018.


I have been using ExecVision to help coach my team on calls. It has been very easy to use and intuitive. Taylor Brown and team have been helpful and responsive.

Posted by Anthony Foster on Mar 28th, 2018.

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