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BrainX Personalized Online Sales and Customer Service Training

BrainX makes training stick. In control group studies against live only, blended and online learning, the BrainX groups showed a 300% greater increase in sales, long-term knowledge retention, and customer satisfaction. BrainX also reduces turnover because salespeople reach the level of mastery where success comes easily to them. BrainX is a cloud-based Personal Learning Mastery System that is used for delivering training to sales and management professionals.<br>
The BrainX system personalizes the delivery of the coursework according to the needs and learning characteristics of each learner. After instruction the BrainX system uses spaced reinforcement and personalized verbal response simulations in short practice sessions on different days until each learner reaches total mastery that lasts.

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Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2000
# of Employees: 1 - 25
Regions Served: USA (National)

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