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ArenaCX is the marketplace connecting brands with outsourced labor providers. We make it easy for brands to find, manage, and optimize their outsourcing relationships, providing unparalleled resiliency, scalability, and performance outcomes.

Struggling to find enough sales reps to hit your numbers? Having trouble building and retaining your sales team? ArenaCX has you covered.

As the first global outsourcing marketplace, we help connect brands (like yours) with world-class outsourced labor resources. Our vendor network consists of over 70 unique BPOs (and growing!), representing over 300,000 seats of capacity across various outsourcing functions, like Sales & Marketing, Customer Service & Support, Bookkeeping & Accounting, and more.

We work with you to understand your sales goals and help you find the perfect-fit vendor to provide talent to fill your open sales positions and meet your quotas. We stay engaged with you and your vendor(s), helping you manage and optimize your outsourcing relationship and make it easier than ever to scale your sales capacity as your business demands it.

ArenaCX’s vendor management platform also enables you to take a multi-vendor approach to outsourcing — without the headache of managing multiple teams — unlocking a level of resiliency, scalability and performance that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

With ArenaCX you can say “goodbye” to missing your numbers, and “hello” to getting sale capacity when you need it. ArenaCX: Outsourcing Simplified.

Ready to get started? Learn more at arenacx.com/sales.



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Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2020
# of Employees: 1 - 25
Regions Served: International

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