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Nexsales Corporation

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Nexsales is the preferred demand generation partner for mid to large-size, B2B sales organizations looking to continually accelerate revenue growth. Based in Cupertino, CA since 2008, our clients include Symantec, Thomson Reuters, IBM, and SAP.


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Selleration’s Sales Readiness platform measures and develops Sales professionals using 3D animated role plays, enabling you to predict and grow Sales success, with faster time-to-first-sale, increased win-rates and greater revenue growth.


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memoryBlue is a sales development consulting firm that specializes in helping high-tech clients grow revenue. The company provides a full range of outsourced sales development services, sales training and sales talent acquisition assistance.


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Unafraid to roll up our sleeves, our human-to-human sales approaches ensure seamless customer journeys and enduring brand relationships. Inside Sales: Digital and phone sales experts connect with customers wherever they are, asking the right questions and listening to customer needs. Outside Sal...


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ringDNA is a sales experience platform that uses AI to help businesses scale revenue growth.


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DecisionLink's ValueCloud® is the first enterprise-class, Customer Value Management (CVM) platform, including a set of applications and sales tools that help enterprise businesses treat customer value as an asset and implement CVM as a discipline.


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Sendoso is the leading Sending Platform. The fully integrated solution solves sourcing, physical warehouse storage, inventory tracking, and ROI attribution problems so that businesses can send anything and personalize at scale.


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SetSail delivers measurable productivity gains by harnessing incentives to close the loop between data, analytics, and team behavior. SetSail uses machine learning to discover the most important engagements in your sales process and combines this wit


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Leaptree creates cloud-based software that enables organisations to fully realize their revenue potential. With Leaptree’s Revenue Performance platform, we’ll help you optimize both your internal and indirect revenue-generating teams.​ Leaptree Incentivize is the intelligent way for Reven...


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Wingman is an AI-based, on-call sales assistant that provides reps with valuable data that increase the chance of winning a deal. We strive to empower sales reps to have more meaningful conversations with their customers that increases conversions.


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Dialpad is the only Voice Intelligence-powered, cloud-native business communications provider in the market. Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs with Talk, Sell and Support, and UberConference.


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Tribyl is an AI-powered Sales Coach that makes reps experts at selling across industries, use cases and buyers. Tribyl uses A.I. to create a "live playbook"​ that automatically capture the tribal knowledge of your 'A'​ Reps -- by mining call recordings, emails, documents, and notes....

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