AA-ISP Chicago Chapter: The Future of Sales - It's Not What You Think

October 4th, 2022 5:30pm - 7:30pm CST/CDT

Frontier Chicago; 1072 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60642 (View Map)

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The sales community has proclaimed that the world of selling has changed forever - and that “buyers know more nowadays!”.

That quote? It’s from 110 years ago - in a sales book from 1912 called Salesmanship. 

Even in 2015, Forrester predicted that 1 MILLION B2B sales jobs will be eliminated by 2020 because of the proliferation of information available to buyers. The opposite happened. Why? The answer tells us everything we need to know to predict and prepare for the future of sales, where more information hasn’t made it easier for buyers, it’s made it harder.

Join the AA-ISP Chicago Chapter in-person to explore with Todd Caponi.

Todd is the author of the 3x best-book-award-winning and international best-seller, The Transparency Sale, and the new bestselling book, The Transparent Sales Leader. Todd is a multi-time C-Level sales leader, a behavioral science and sales history nerd, and has guided two companies to successful exits. He now speaks and teaches revenue organizations and their leaders on leveraging transparency and decision science to maximize their revenue capacity as Principal of Sales Melon LLC.

All attendees will receive a signed copy of Todd's new book "The Transparent Sales Leader".

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