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AA-ISP Orange County Chapter Webinar: How to drive revenue by not being a good salesperson

September 19th, 2019 9:00am - 9:00am PST/PDT

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Generating sales is probably the most difficutl and important aspect of running a successful company. There will be faiures, setbacks, course corrections, high hopes, and crushed expectations...and that's if things go well! So how does someone create meaninful and authentic relationships when prospects all hae their guards up becuse the thought of tlaking ot a "good" salesperson makes them think about pressure and manipulation?

In this weibnar, we'll examine how the best salespeople in the world are actually the antithesis of "good salespeople" becuase they don't do the things they are supposed to do. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • Why people with the hightest EQ alwasy have the highest Sales IQ
  • How the best sellers int eh world approah sales different; and
  • Specific examples of unexpected strategies to use at different phases of the sales cycle to stand out

About the speakers:

Garret Brown and Colin Coggins co-teach "Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs" at USC's Marshall School of Business. They met while working as CRO and SVP of Sales, respectively, at Bitium, an enterprise software company they took from startup to acquisition by Google. Indiviudally, they have built and led sales teams across a variety of industries, and they frequently advise and invest in startups. In addition to teaching, they run a consulting and outsources sales leadership firm.


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