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AA-ISP Orange County Chapter Webinar: Discover Your Breakthrough: Connecting Strategy and Scripting to Drive Your Sales Pipeline

September 20th, 2019 9:00am - 9:30am PST/PDT

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There’s a vital relationship between company strategy and sales messaging that’s crucial to filling your pipeline with high-potential opportunities. The first words spoken to your ideal prospects are the key to building a strong pipeline; yet the choice of these words is usually left up to either junior sales reps or a marketing committee. Your strategy deserves a carefully crafted sales script that leads directly to a steady flow of meetings with qualified prospects.

In this workshop, you’ll develop this all-important core message, condensed to one succinct “breakthrough” sentence, embedded in a scripting structure designed for the toughest conversations: cold calls. And you’ll learn how to apply this breakthrough script to achieve immediate and sustainable success by avoiding the four potential failure points of every first sales conversation. The goal of this workshop is simple: to arm you and your sales team with a sales weapon that works in every targeted conversation to turn strategic intent into predictable results.

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