AA-ISP Columbus Chapter: Winning the War on Talent from a Candidate and Employer Perspective

October 16th, 2019 7:30am - 9:30am EST/EDT

Rev 1 Ventures, 1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212 (View Map)

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This event is sponsored by Crosworks career and talent strategists - empowering people with clarity and focus to do their best work. They believe that every employee, at every level, can and should do work that both provides personal fulfillment and moves the organization forward.


Come hear an all-star panel talk about talent acquisition and job hunting. Today it's much less about posting a job and finding the right candidate. It's also much less about applying for a job and getting that offer. Candidates and employers have many sources available to help during this process to shorten the cycle on both sides. 


Finding a job is harder than ever. While the majority of open positions are posted on company websites and job boards, it seems that applicants submit their information into a black hole only to wait, and wait, and wait some more. So how do you get that call back? Come here some tips on how to use your resume, your network, and your social profiles to stand out from the crowd.


Filling jobs is harder than ever. With the decreasing unemployment rate, demand for higher wages, and competitive environments, applicants almost have their pick of employers. Whether you are hiring entry level college grads or experienced staff, positions are becoming harder and harder to fill in timely manners and on budget.

Our Panel

Ken Lazar - Principal, Ability Professional Network

  • Having spent over fifteen years in talent acquisition and professional staffing, Ken brings his experience to our panel with a focus on hiring sales people. This has been a core focus of his for years and we are excited to hear about his suggestions and best practices.

Shelly Stotzer - Owner, Crosworks

  • Shelly believes that every employee, at every level, can and should do work that both moves the business forward and provides personal fulfillment. She uses her extensive executive leadership and coaching expertise to help clients - both organizations and individuals - gain the clarity and focus they need to perform their best work  She also leads the Crosworks team in guiding clients to success through proven processes that bring  a great sense of self-awareness by defining each individual’s strengths, interests, skills and best-fit work environment. With this clarity, she then counsels clients to engage in ways that deliver both personal fulfillment and maximum results.

Rachael Maruca - Happiness Coordinator, Aunt Flow

  • Rachael has went from owning and operating her own business to working in a few inside sales roles. She's sold, she's managed customers, she's led a sales team, and is now working for a startup. She's been aggressive in her job pursuits and has a great perspective to share from a candidates view on what she likes and doesn't like from the application process to interview process, to hiring process.

Lora Zotter - Vice President of Employee Experience, MentorcliQ

  • Lora is no stranger to the hiring process. She has helped companies of all sizes source and hire exceptional talent. She currently serves as Vice President of Employee Experience for MentorcliQ, where she focuses on talent attraction, onboarding, and retention / culture. Before joining MentorcliQ, she served as the Director of Talent Programs for Rev1 Ventures, where she helped high-growth startups connect with talent and resources in the community.

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