AA-ISP Columbus Chapter: The Modern Seller - Ambassador Factor

March 7th, 2019 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm EST/EDT

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March 7th, 2019

5:30pm - 7:30pm EST/EDT

Smart Harbor - 580 North 4th Street, Suite 500, Columbus, OH 43215 (View Map)


When it comes to winning new business and growing our existing customers, what used to be the highest bar is now often considered table stakes.

The new sales economy has shaken up the standard definition of satisfaction. To attract and grow the very best customers, we now need to move the needle toward loyalty. Loyal customers are 3X more likely to continue buying from us. We’re more likely to expand our reach within that customer (and to do so at higher margins).

To do this successfully, it takes sellers and sales leaders who are ambassadors. 

Ambassadors are a bridge; they’re the connecting point between their organization and their prospects and customers. They are also connectors into their industries, strategic partnerships, and into the larger community. Their impact is felt well beyond their organization. As sellers, they’re particularly skilled at expanding the lifetime value of a client and creating even more opportunities.

In this 1-hour interactive workshop, we will cover:

  1. The top traits of modern selling, with an emphasis on Ambassador
  2. Key value elements that are most important to our prospects and customers
  3. The differences between tables stakes (satisfaction) and differentiators (loyalty)
  4. Two assessments to best gauge client lifetime value, as well as client loyalty (Lifetime Value Assessment and Loyalty Engagement Inventory)
  5. Strategies to improve overall client loyalty, that can also be used early in the sales cycle with prospective clients

5:30pm: Arrival/Networking

6:00pm: Amy Franko – The Modern Seller: Ambassador Factor

7:00pm: Wrap Up/QA

7:30pm: Networking/Depart


Location Details

 - This is at the Smith Brothers Building in downtown Columbus

 - Parking is available in the main lot and all parking is free after 5pm (numbered spots included).

 - When you arrive, walk in the main doors and take the elevator up to the 5th floor. Exit the elevator and turn right to walk into the offices of Smart Harbor and The Shipyard.

 - The event will take place in the breakroom (follow the noise!).


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