#LS2020 Agenda

#LS2020 Agenda

The full #LS2020 Agenda is still being built, however, rest assured that the topics, speakers and content are all top notch!

Check back frequently to see the most up-to-date agenda and event details! Below is a snapshot to help you prepare!

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Pre-Event Workshop: Whole Brain Leadership

On average only 34% of employees in the US are actively engaged, while 13% are actively disengaged (ie they’re miserable at work). That’s a ratio of 2:1. Which means when you look at your team, for every 2 great employees there’s one actively working against your goals. Even worse, the remaining 53% are just showing up, performing at a level just under punishment and ready to leave at the sign of something better.

World-class organizations are recognizing this impact on outcomes. According to Gallup, companies with a high employee engagement index outperform competitors at a rate of 4X. Not only does this have a direct impact on outcomes and productivity, but it has a massive impact on talent retention and acquisition.

So what’s the answer? Whole Brain Leadership. The ability to not just manage your team logically, but to engage and lead them emotionally.

This workshop designed for sales leaders will provide you with tools to engage your team on multiple levels that has them fighting for your goals. We will work on how to identify top performers early, identify coaching adjustments required for individuals on your team, and the 4 science approach to creating a winning sales culture.

We will uncover a few minor adjustments in your leadership style that will have your employees loving you, fighting for you, and staying for you.

Tony Leone
Sales Trainer, Sales Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach
Whole Brain Selling

Pre-Event Workshop: Call-Coaching Lab

The Sales Executive Council recently cited call coaching as Sales Mangers’ worst skill. What made us top sellers may actually be what’s preventing us from being top coaches. In this sub-section of our 1.5 day certification course, Leaders will:

1. Learn sales behaviors and coaching boo-boo’s that kill call coaching
2. Differentiate what is and what is not call coaching
3. Implement a go-to model for coaching sessions that keep best practices consistent
4. Practice coaching real calls
5. Receive personal feedback + action items to improve their interactions

Leave with at least ten tips to get better results from their team

Lauren Bailey
Founder & President
Factor 8, #GirlsClub

Pre-Event Workshop: Fostering a Mentally Healthy Workplace from an Executive Point of View

Salespeople work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment. With customer expectations higher than ever, you have to always be ‘on’ and available. Many of us have experienced or know someone who has experienced Burnout, Anxiety, Depression. Addressing workplace mental health is not only an ethical priority but a business imperative.

In today’s fast-paced society, the line between work and life is fading, making mental health increasingly difficult to prioritize. Most individuals spend one-third of their adult lives at work, which can exacerbate conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Almost 20% of working-age adults in the U.S. experience some type of mental health challenge in a given year. Rates of major depression have increased by 33% over the last 3 years.

The time to talk about this is NOW. Only through talking about these challenges, can we help to break down the many stigmas associated with mental health.

During this session, we will have an open-dialogue conversation around mental health in the workplace and how to handle this from an executive point of view of respecting the employee, and the company.

Richard Harris
Board Director

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Idea Exchange: Change Management - Managing Change While Leading People

When you are responsible for the daily performance of a sales team, managing change can be difficult. Whether it’s a new system, new territories, a new process, new quotas, new products, or a complete organizational re-alignment, change is hard.

This panel of sales experts will share some of their experiences with change management, ways you can help to embrace change in your organization, how they tracked and managed the change process and more!

Britt Bemis
SVP of Churchill Living
Churchill Living
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Idea Exchange: Deciphering your Enablement Code

Practitioners break down just what enablement does and doesn't mean at their company and share best practices on how they continue to promote buy-in and understanding in a role that is often misunderstood.

Zach Coffman
Sales Enablement Specialist
Uber Freight
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Idea Exchange: Diversity & Inclusion – Turning Plans Into Action

By this time, we all know the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive sales and leadership team… but what does that really mean?

During this session, we will hear from a variety of leaders on how their organizations have put plans into action, hear the results of change, and discuss ways you can implement a diversity strategy in your own organization.

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Idea Exchange: Leadership in 2020

With the ever-changing landscape of our profession leaders must be prepared to pivot their approaches, lead with purpose, and solicit and execute feedback from their teams in order to be best in class. During this session, we will hear from leaders on how they are approaching sales leadership in 2020 while providing us with tips and ideas to take your leadership to the next level.

Lori Harmon
Vice President, Worldwide Virtual Sales
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Idea Exchange: STOP the Spamidemic!

Today’s prospects and clients are inundated with emails and phone calls that have little to do with who they are, what they do, and what they need. Otherwise known as spam, these emails rarely get opened and even fewer get read and replied to.

During this Expert Chat you learn effective ways to dramatically improve the overall prospecting effectiveness and conversion rates of your team.

You will take away the following:

- A better understanding of why this SPAMIDEMIC is hurting prospecting and sales.
- Ways to utilize current data to improve your overall prospecting process.
- Specific and proven tips on how to effectively personalize your prospecting.

Bob Perkins
Founder & Chairman
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Advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator Campaigns for Sales Teams

In this session, leaders will learn how their sales teams can mine the vast CRM-type powers of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, along with time-saving 3rd party tools, to populate sales funnels with more and better prospects. Attendees will learn insider secrets that can share with others at their organization.

Mike O'Neil
CEO, Founder
Integrated Alliances

Case Study: The SDR/BDR Role Evolution at IBM

Hear from Rakhi Voria on how IBM has evolved the role of SDR/BDR by using data and benchmarking to transform the role.

Additional Details TBA...

Rakhi Voria
Director, IBM Global Digital Sales

CCPA, GDPR and Data Privacy: How Changing Data Compliance Laws Effect Your Business Processes

A couple of years ago, BBC interviewed experts from virtually every domain to create a list of 50 grand challenges for the 21st century. Among the obvious existential threats like climate change, superbugs, and the fall of democracy, was an unlikely challenge - data privacy. And given the fierce debate, broad media coverage and numerous policy measures around the subject over the last few years, it seems to be getting its due attention.

But on the other end, such sweeping measures are making businesses nervous. To make matters worse, some naysayers go a step further to claim the new privacy-related laws would cause major disruptions and would require a complete overhaul of business operations.

In this session, you have access to a compliance expert to separate truth from hype. After all, we in the data world live and breathe data and if the privacy laws affect anyone...it’s us.

Manoj Ramnani
CEO and Founder

How to use Design Thinking Skills to do Killer Customer Centric Discovery

This interactive workshop will give you a tool for thinking and conducting discovery in a distinctive way as an Inside Sales team. During the session, we will review several curiosity hacks, map your customer’s customer and talk about creative ways to uncover what people care about so that sellers can be more insightful when talking to customers. Managers can then coach their teams on the same process.

Ashley Welch
Somersault Innovation

Idea Exchange: Account Management - How Churn Affects Your Employees & Customers

Churn doesn’t have to be a dirty word… in the world of sales and account management employee turnover and internal promotions often cause ripple effects throughout our sales and customer experience journey. Learning how to manage the churn in your organization from both an internal and customer-facing perspective will help streamline processes and ensure your customers are receiving the best service possible.

Leaders of AM and Renewal teams will share different ways they manage their churn, explain the benefits of internal promotion programs, and share stories of lessons learned along the way.

Ed Porter
Chief Executive Officer
Central Ohio Executive Services
Lisa Kaplan
VP Relationship Development
Moxtra Inc.
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Idea Exchange: Avoiding Burnout on Your Team

Sales is a stressful job, but we as leaders can work to ensure our teams are maintaining a healthy relationship with work, stress management, and job performance. During this roundtable, open-dialogue session, leaders will share how they are working to help their employees avoid burnout including:
- Stress Management
- Encouraging Exercise & Meditation
- Time Management Techniques
- Monitoring Workloads and How to Adjust Accordingly
- Exploring Remote Working Options

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Idea Exchange: Best Practices in Leading SMB Teams

Join this session to learn from fellow leaders who are managing small to medium size teams. The challenges facing small-medium teams can be very different than large-enterprise groups, and this session will provide you with the time to ask questions of your fellow leaders, seek advice around certain challenges you are facing, solicit feedback around training or other programs you have put in place.

Expect a roundtable discussion format with ample time for Q&A!

Glenn E Sandifer
Director, Sales and Marketing
First Defense Security
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Idea Exchange: Creative Training & Development Activities

46% of sales reps reported their organizations are not providing them with the training to be successful. A successful training program contains more than a week of product training and some call coaching. Today’s sellers desire knowledge on the product they are selling, the tactical sales skills to close deals, and on-going training opportunities to brush up on old skills and learn new ones.

Learn from fellow leaders during this session how they have created and implemented sales training programs in their organization. Expect to walk away with a few new ideas you can implement in your own org!

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Idea Exchange: Effective Ways to Manage Performance

What does effective performance management look like? To begin you must have a strategy in place and in order to do that you need to understand which metrics, behaviors, and outcomes you be measuring. Building a structure that spans from hiring, training, sales, on to continuing education will help ensure the performance of your sales teams is optimized for success.

Leaders will share their own strategies and offer advice on ways to implement and improve on your own strategy.

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Idea Exchange: Essential Practices for New & Developing Managers

You’ve been promoted to manager… now what? Leading sales professionals to success can be a challenge for a new leader and you need to do more than monitor pipelines and manage quotas. The leadership skills required to successfully manage a team include things like empathy, hiring aptitude, coaching skills, negotiation, process management, managing up, and more.

During this session, we will share resources, discuss the skills, and provide tips to jumpstart your sales leadership career.

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Idea Exchange: Must Have Technologies in 2020

Learn from your fellow leaders at a variety of companies and industries on the tools and technologies their teams are using to improve performance and increase productivity. In addition to sharing their sales stacks, leaders will take questions from attendees and help guide you to the right stack for your own organization!

After this session, be sure to check out the Expo to get an up-close look at these tools!

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Idea Exchange: Ramp Up! Effective On-Boarding Examples

What does a winning on-boarding program look like? During this session, leaders will present to you their on-boarding programs as examples for you to learn from, ask questions about, and use as templates in your own organization.

Bring your questions!

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Idea Exchange: Rewards & Recognition that Deliver Results

It’s time we all pay attention to spiffs and other things that motivate our teams! During this session, leaders will share specific rewards and recognition plans in their sales organizations, report on results, and offer guidance to attendees with any specific challenges you are facing when building a rewards and recognition plan that delivers results!

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Maximizing the Information Data Analytics Gives Your Sellers

We live in the age of data and on the surface, it should do nothing but help sales reps reach goals…yet why is that not the case?

This session will focus on real-world experiences involving data and sales performance. Some where it has worked, and some where it hasn’t gone as well.

If you are trying to get your sales reps to embrace data analytics and find clearer paths to their goals, yet they just don’t believe you – this is the session for you.

Robert Beattie
Senior Sales Director
Thomson Reuters

The Power of Your Voices in B2B Prospecting to the C Suite

This session with Denis will cover next steps when finally connecting with a C Suite prospect or leaving a voice message…
A few things we will cover include:
- Is there confidence, calmness, relevance and gravitas in your delivery?
- Does it incite/trigger/captivate the prospect to want to speak with you or respond to you ?
- What is your Inner voice telling you?

There is an intimate relationship between what your Inner Voice is saying and what your Outer Voice one delivers.

HOW you DELIVER and SOUND can bear more impact than you can imagine. IMAGINE comes from the word IMAGINATION.

What is YOUR VOICE IMAGE? Together we’ll discuss HOW you speak can literally Transform your interactions with others! This session is for both individual contributors and sales leaders who can take this message back to their teams!

Denis Champagne
Lotus Communications

The Sales Rep of the Future

Sales used to be a personality-driven profession full of extroverts away in cars and on airplanes shaking hands to close deals. Then sales cut costs by becoming an "inside position" expedited by process and technology.

Have we reached the place where ANYONE can be in sales or is still an art/discipline that takes a special kind of person to succeed? What will the sales rep of the future look like? What tools do they need? And how do we KEEP them once we have them?

Chad Dyar
Director of Sales Enablement and Strategy

Workshop: Relationship Selling, Why Relationships are Important to Enablement and Hitting Your Established Metrics

In this, one-hour, group workshop talk with other industry professionals to decipher what type of enablement relationship exists within your company and what metrics could and should be measured to make your sales team successful in 2020.

Who Should Attend:
- Enablement professionals
- Sales leaders and professionals interested in learning about enablement
- Sales leaders who do not know what enablement is

Workshop: The Purpose-Fueled Salesperson - How to Leverage Purpose and Alignment to Bring out the Best in Your People

This 1-hour workshop is for the growth-directed Sales Leader who truly cares about the people they lead.

As with most professionals today, you may believe that getting to where you want to go takes a lot of grit. It calls for pushing through obstacles by working harder and longer. The end result? Sacrificing the things you REALLY want and are, seemingly, working so hard for: time to take care of yourself and spend with family and other loved ones.

To make matters worse, while top performing sales professionals leverage their egos and ambitions to drive the outcomes they are after by way of competition, later in their careers, many of these folks recognize that chasing awards and recognition as a primary motivator no longer fuels them. This is when they hit the proverbial wall. They have lost their sense of purpose working so hard for something that is not truly aligned with their values and what they want for the rest of their life. What if you could recognize the signs within yourself and preempt them before it’s too late?

In this workshop you will learn:
• How to reduce stress and avoid burnout
• How to lead sales professionals in a way that they know you have their back
• How to motivate sales professionals intrinsically instead of chasing moving bogies
• How to build a purposeful culture and environment that drives fulfillment
• Why a majority of sales folks are not engaged
• The #1 reason sales professionals sabotage themselves
• Why top performers do not like to be managed and why that can be okay

This break-out is designed to leave you with new insights and expose where you most likely have blind spots that prevent you from reaching your maximum potential.

You will be equipped with action items and ideas that you can take back to your organization and integrate right away. (That said, if you are not looking to change yourself as a leader of Sales Professionals, this workshop is not for you.)

Chris Yonker
Performance Alchemist
Chris Yonker Consulting and Training

Workshop: The Sales Game

Let's level up your sales results in here so you can win the sales game out there! Leave your workbooks and scripts at home, they won't be needed (nor useful) here.

A fully immersive, play-based event where all of your learning will be developed through the playing of highly transformational strategic sales games.

Your aim is to be the player at the end with the most chips. The loser will be the one with the least. You can only make chips by receiving them off other players. How you do that is completely up to you. But remember, every other player is also aiming to be the one with the most chips at the end of the day, so how do you intend to win The Sales Game?

What would your first move be?

How would YOU play The Sales Game?

Steve Claydon
The Sales Game
Darcy Smyth
Creator of The Sales Game
The Sales Game

Workshop: Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment for Revenue Growth

Companies with poor sales and marketing alignment are estimated to have a 4% revenue decline. The inability of these two functions to work together effectively is costing b2b companies up to $1 trillion every year! So what is causing this sudden change in how we conduct business? The modern buyer is demanding more and most sellers have not caught up.

This presentation helps leaders understand the detrimental affects that Sales and Marketing misalignment causes, explore the key reasons why this relationship continues to be a challenge for many organizations, and examine potential strategies to promote cohesiveness between these two functions that will lead to improvements in achieving revenue targets. Leaders will leave understanding how to increase collaboration between Sales and Marketing and more effectively drive revenue growth for the organization through collaboration.

Jeff Davis
JD2 Consulting Group, LLC


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