The Leadership Summit agenda and networking opportunities are built for the advancement of leaders in inside and digital sales. For SMB- to Enterprise-level organizations, you will find sessions ranging from basic development for emerging leaders working on their inside sales management skills to advanced management best practices.


Typical titles of attendees include:

  • Director/VP Inside Sales
  • SVP
  • Global Sales Leader
  • Head of Sales
  • Inside Sales (Manager, Leader)
  • Business Development (Manager, Leader)
  • CEO
  • CRO
  • CMO
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Founder/Co-Founder
  • Customer Success (Manager, Leader)
  • Customer Engagement
  • QA/Training Leaders
  • Sales/Customer Success (Manager, Leader)

Challenges the Leadership Summit Helps Address by Role:


Company founders and C-level executives of all organizational sizes will be surrounded by other like-minded leaders who are looking to grow and scale their sales force wile driving significant revenue. Whether you’re an early-stage start-up, or a CSO of a Fortune 500 company, there will be plenty of peers at your level to share challenges and ideas on how to address them.

VPs & Directors

This is the place to be for leaders who manage other leaders. Whether you are a Director with a couple team leads, or a VP overseeing a 1,000-person organization, LS2019 will provide you all the opportunities to customize your conference agenda. Select your topics and tracks, meet with other leaders in a similar industry and size and soak up lots of new concepts and ideas to help take your organization to the next level of professionalism and performance.

Front Line Sales Managers

From daily task management to coaching to pipeline assignment, today’s sales leader is wearing many hats. Leaders will have a large range of sessions to personalize their agenda for the greatest impact on their bottom line.

Hiring & Recruiting Professionals

Learn how other companies are attracting and retaining top talent. A variety of sessions will cover ways to advertise open positions and promote from within your organization.


Automation is just one part of the sales-and-marketing-alignment conversation. Marketing professionals will learn the best ways to collaborate and work with their inside sales teams for maximum ROI.

Customer Engagement / Success

Once a sale has been made, the customer success role is central to the success of the relationship and the long-time renewal of the client. Customer Success professionals will learn from each other in a variety of sessions focusing on ways to better serve and engage with their customer base.

Training & Development

Once a sales rep is hired, they require continuing education to improve their skills (as well as help onboard newer reps). Training and development professionals will hear how other companies are building their own ongoing training programs.

Sales Enablement

Enabling our inside sales teams to perform at the highest level requires tools and technologies as well as an updated methodology. Enablement professionals will learn how to better align their organizations with the future of selling.

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