Road To The Summit: Lauren Bailey with Factor 8
Bob Perkins is joined by Lauren Bailey on the #insidesalesstudio to talk about next week's workshop on "How to Coach & Provide Leadership in a Remote Environment"

Business-as-usual has changed, and top leaders are getting out in front in ways beyond work-from-home management.

AA-ISP is bringing our community a Factor 8-produced virtual workshop for real-time help, skills, tips, and strategies in a highly interactive virtual training session (not a listen in the background webinar!).

Let’s help our front-line leaders manage productivity without micromanagement, ensure preparation for a tough Q2/Q3, and increase the quantity AND quality of their rep coaching. We’ll go beyond tips to templates, steps, and even remote practice of new skills.

Factor 8 Moderators:
Kelly Spencer, Kathleen Liles, Lauren Bailey

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