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Inside Sales Interview Series

Insights from Inside Sales Leaders
Interview Series: Chris Orlob - Shut Up & Listen!
Bob had the opportunity to connect with Chris Orlob, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Gong.

Bob and Chris discuss the results of a research study focusing on 25k B2B sales calls completed by Sales Reps. Using artificial intelligence they identified key patterns and outcomes which are shared during this interview.

Connect with Chris here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisorlob
Interview Series: Professor Rob Peterson
In this interview from the Inside Sales Studio, Bob is joined by Professor Rob Peterson. Rob is the Director of Northern Illinois University's Sales Program.

Connect with Rob here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drrobertpeterson
Interview Series: Matt Mayberry
Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman of the AA-ISP caught up with Former NFL Player and Motivational Speaker, Matt Mayberry.

During this interview, Matt shares his story and tips to overcome obstacles in front of you!

Connect with Matt: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-mayberry-03047a52
Interview Series: Mark Roberge - CRO - Hubspot on 2016 Top Challenges
The AA-ISP and Hubspot recently completed research for the 2016 Top Challenges Report. Results found that today’s buyers are much more educated on your product or service than they have been in the past. This shift has changed the traditional hiring profile for sales reps.

Take a look!
Monday Morning Sales Minute - Account Based Selling - June 20th
This week we hear from Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales with Outreach. Mark shares some tips and ideas around Account Based Selling techniques.

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Interview Series: Giovanna Sangiorgi, Oracle Direct - Inside Sales Trends in Europe
During the 2016 Leadership Summit, Bob sat down with Oracle Direct, EMEA Vice President, Giovanna Sangiorgi.

They discuss Inside Sales trends in Europe.
Interview Series: Dave Elkington, InsideSales.com - Turning the Inside Sales Model "Inside Out"
Dave Elkington, Founder & CEO of InsideSales.com sat down with Bob following his presentation at the 2016 Leadership Summit in Chicago on April 20th.

Dave shared his thoughts on a new Inside Sales model called "The Crossover Model."

In a nutshell, the model simply takes the manager of a corporate-based Inside Sales team and moves him or her from HQ into a local geography.

Really?? Moving a hands-on manager who has responsibility for coaching, performance management, 1 on 1’s, etc. thousands of miles away from the reps they support? Absolutely.

As Dave explains in the interview, the Crossover model helps them to accomplish larger sales goals with less restrictions on their go-to-market strategy.

Connect with Dave here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidelkington
Mental Toughness - The Key Differential in a Salesperson’s Success
Bob Perkins and Bruce Lewolt, CEO of BrainX discuss the importance of a salesperson being "mentally tough."

The AA-ISP is now offering this unique program which teaches mental toughness, a critical skill for today's sales reps and managers.

Learn more about the Mental Toughness program here: http://www.aa-isp.org/mental-toughness.php
Interview Series: Carolyn Betts - Tips on Finding and Hiring the Best Talent
On this episode of the Inside Sales Studio, Bob is joined by Carolyn Betts, Founder & CEO of Betts Recruiting, to talk about one of the biggest challenges facing the profession of Inside Sales.

AA-ISP research has shown that recruiting and hiring is one of the biggest facing our profession.

If you are facing issues with recruiting and hiring this is one interview you won't want to miss! Packed full of tips and actionable items hiring managers can use immedietly in their hiring process
Interview Series: Jennifer Brandenburg, CRO at LiveHive
During this episode of the Inside Sales Studio: Interview Series, Bob Perkins chats with Jennifer Brandenburg, CRO at LiveHive.

Jennifer discusses tips on Building a High-Velocity Sales Team.

A few of the ideas discussed include:
- Persistence
- Tiering Target Companies
- Multi-Touch Strategies
- Coaching
- Right Sizing Your Organization
- Hiring the Right Talent
...and much more!

You can connect with Jennifer at jbrandenburg@livehive.com
Interview Series: Dave Chwalik - Building a High Performing Culture
In this episode, Bob Perkins has Dave Chwalik in the Inside Sales Studio. Dave has a deep background in both field and inside sales.

In 2012, Dave was recognized with the AA-ISP Culture Award and shares his thoughts on sales culture and how it aligns with a high-performing sales team.

"As a tenured sales leader, you can detect early on with regard to interaction with a candidate on if they will be a good cultural fit. I put a premium however on the candidate confirming in his or her own mind on if this company is a good fit for them." Dave Chwalik

Spend some time learning about how defining, developing, and recognizing your culture will benefit your organization.
Interview Series: Asia-Pacific Inside Sales Trends with Zeenath Kuraisha
On this episode of the Inside Sales Studio Bob connected with AA-ISP Singapore Chapter President, and Director of Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy, Zeenath Kuraisha.

Zeenath discusses trends in the Inside Sales field in Asia, including the use of the blended model of selling.

Connect with Zeenath through email at zeena@apacsma.com or by through LinkedIn at https://sg.linkedin.com/in/zeena
Interview Series: Ralph Barsi
During this installment of the Inside Sales Studio Bob Perkins chats with Ralph Barsi, Sr. Director of Global Sales Development at Servicenow. Ralph has over 15 years’ experience in Sales Leadership and has been involved with the AA-ISP since early 2011.

Ralph discusses how his involvement in the association has helped him meet people he has referenced, called on, and networked with throughout the years. “What you put into it, is what you get out of it. I have called upon so many AA-ISP members to help overcome my challenges.”

Ralph shares two primary reasons we have seen such growth in the Inside Sales profession including technology and bringing reps from the “outside” to the “inside”.

One key point Ralph shares is “Everyone brings their own strengths and unique gifts to a situation, and if you are not taking advantage of those gifts by sharing what only you possess with the larger community you are not doing anyone, including yourself a good service.” Ralph encourages listeners to bring to the fold what no one else can, share your strengths and help others learn.

Connect with Ralph: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ralphbarsi
Women in Leadership - Sharon Frame
In this Inside Sales Studio episode, Bob Perkins interviews Sharon Frame, CEO Sharon Frame Speaks.

Sharon has worked for years to help women claim their voice and their space in the workplace. Sharon details how women can "show up" and be confident in your ideas.

Connect with Sharon - http://www.sharonframespeaks.com
Inside Sales Trends - Josiane Feigon
Josiane Feigon joined Bob Perkins for a conversation on her latest "Trend Report" which includes viable and important trends our profession.

Josiane shares insights into the different generations in the workplace today, and how mobile technology is advancing faster than ever.

Connect with Josiane through http://www.tele-smart.com !
Women in Sales Leadership Series: Lori Richardson
Interview #3 in the Women in Sales Leadership series features Lori Richardson, President of WOMEN SalesPros! Lori joins Bob to discuss women in the market place, and shares tips on how women can leverage mentorship and sponsorship to advance their careers!

Lori says "I went to an event in the Boston area where I met a woman in her 20's who had said that she had never met a woman VP of Sales in her 10 year career. This is what we are working to change."

WOMENS SalesPros will be joining the AA-ISP at upcoming events in 2016! You can first catch Lori at #IS2016 San Francisco on Feb. 18th!
Women in Sales Leadership Series: Megan Dahlen
Megan Dahlen, General Manager of Inside Sales at Microsoft joins Bob Perkins to discuss her tips and suggestions for women looking to advance their careers into leadership positions.

Megan began her career as an Inside Sales rep, and through promotions and job changes has become a global leader in one of the top technology companies.

In her current role, Megan is responsible for preparing the new Inside Sales infrastructure, while centralizing the project globally.

One tip Megan shares is, "Find a good mentor and a sponsor within your organization who can speak on your behalf."

Contact Megan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megandahlen
Women In Sales Leadership Series - Amy Appleyard
Today, Inside Sales has a big shortage of mid-to-senior-level candidates to fill leadership roles, and even larger shortage is in the area of women stepping up to take these roles.

This first interview in the Inside Sales Studio series “Women in Sales Leadership” features Amy Appleyard, VP of Inside Sales at Staples Advantage. Amy shares her experience throughout the years in a variety of roles including marketing, strategy, and most currently her past 7 years at Staples in sales management. Bob and Amy discuss what women can do strategically to advance their careers. Amy shares tips on how “post lean in” women can raise their hand and get noticed for positions, and balance work and life by blending the two. Additionally, mentoring is discussed and encouraged.

During the interview Amy states, “for any women who think they might be interested in a career in sales management, raise your hand. Raise your hand before you think you are ready! If nothing more you will learn a lot about yourself in the interview process, and hopefully establish a mentor relationship.”

Contact Amy: