AA-ISP Training Tuesday: The Science of Listening in Sales

Author: Tom Snyder, Founder, Funnel Clarity
Posted: November 16th, 2017


Have you ever given thought to what “listening” really entails?  Specifically, have you ever considered what role effective listening plays in world-class selling?  You may be shocked to know that there is no more effective means of establishing rapport and no more effective way of being viewed as “consultative” than the ability to demonstrate “attentive listening” skills.  Oh, and one more surprise, these skills have nothing to do with eye contact and polite silence.

In today’s selling world, technologies have become increasingly oriented to point solutions.  In the average Inside Sales force, the technology stack now has three, four or five applications on top of the CRM.  By and large, these technologies have provided huge benefits in the area of sales efficiency.  An Inside Sales person can now leverage far more out of the average sales day than even the most accomplished of field reps.  But increasingly, sales leaders have begun to quietly express concern that the science of the sales conversation has been lost.  Nowhere is that loss more dramatic than in the area of listening.


Join Tom Snyder, an expert in the field of conversational science, as he presents several simple techniques that any seller can use which will greatly enhance their ability to be seen as effective, consultative and professional. 


Tom Snyder is the founder of Funnel Clarity; a training and consulting company formerly known as VorsightBP. His passion is helping companies achieve measurable sales performance improvement. He is a sought after international speaker and was named one of the Most Influential Sales Leaders. He has authored two McGraw Hill best sellers, Escaping the Price Driven Sale and Selling in a New Market Space.


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