AA-ISP Webinar Series: Shattering the Silos of Sales and Marketing

Author: Gene McNaughton, Jerry McGuire, Manuel Medina
Posted: September 21st, 2016


Marketing has become more effective and better than ever before at generating leads. However, most marketers would agree that these cost-justified leads fall into the “abyss” when they are turned over to sales. While companies try to train and manage their teams to follow up on all leads, very few companies have a seamless, consistent, and easy-to-manage process that literally ensures “no lead will be left behind.” Effective lead follow-up has been listed as the #1 issue between sales and marketing.

In this discussion-driven, educational briefing, you will learn insights into how to positively impact your sales and marketing efforts with a more aligned process, improved resources, and better follow up as we dive into six key areas of Marketing and Sales Alignment:

1. Analysis of Today's Challenging, yet Typical Sales and Marketing Silos
2. How to Avoid the Marketing-to-Sales "Lead Abyss” Experienced by Most Companies
3. Three Ways to Assure You Leave No Lead Behind
4. The Difficulty in Navigating Today's Typical CRM Programs
5. One Single Step to Ensure Every Lead Gets Prompt, Consistent and Long-Term Follow-Up
6. The Real Impact These Changes Can Have to Sales Performance

This sixty-minute educational briefing is led by Gene McNaughton, a leading international business growth expert, in conjunction with Jerry McGuire, Global Director of Marketing at American Air Filter, and Manuel Medina, CEO of Outreach.io.

Gene McNaughton
Gene is one of the nation’s most effective business growth experts. He has spent more than 25 years as a successful sales leader and business consultant. Gene’s commitment to the science of influence, sales process, and business growth has lead him to having a client list of some of the biggest brands in the world. Gene is an “in the trenches” sales leader — training teams, designing sales systems, and consistently innovating to design effective, cutting-edge strategies in sales. His history of leadership and achievement has made him an accomplished consultant, public speaker, author and sales trainer.

Manuel Medina
Manny is CEO and Co-Founder of Outreach, the data-driven platform for sales acceleration that helps teams achieve a 3x increase in lead-to-opportunity conversions. Manny is a leader in early technology, beginning at Microsoft and Amazon, with an MBA from Harvard Business School and CS Masters from University of Pennsylvania.

Jerry McGuire
Jerry is the Global Director of Marketing for AAF International, the largest Air Filter company in the world with 1+ billion in revenue. He has spoken at Dreamforce for the last 2 years as an expert panelist.

This installment of the AA-ISP Webinar Series is sponsored by Outreach.

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