What is the CCSR®?

The AA-ISP and its Accreditation Board establish and maintain a set of requirements, standards, skills, competencies, and final exam testing components that must be met for CCSR® eligibility.

The final exam itself is administered via a proctored, 3rd party testing organization, which assesses if an individual is capable of performing the tasks required to be successful as an Entry Level Customer Success Representative (CSR).

The rigorous certification process sets a high bar that students can be measured by, educators can teach to, and hiring companies find value in.

Why certify with CCSR®?

As part of the final exam, students must demonstrate the critical skills and competencies required to be an effective Entry Level Customer Success Representative.

Some of these areas include how to properly conduct:

  • Preparation for On-Boarding Meeting
  • On-Boarding Meeting – Build Rapport and investigate expectations and definitions of success
  • Internal Escalation Meeting – Advocate for the customer in a balanced and persuasive manner
  • Angry Customer Meeting – Demonstrate empathy and constructively move the customer forward
  • Active Listening
  • Objection Handling
  • Communication Skills

Testing has been created and proctored to establish:

  • Reliable Testing Measures
  • Industry Standard Procedures
  • Conflict of Interest Management
  • Impartiality
  • Objectivity of Certification Activities

Questions about the CCSR® Certification?

How to prepare for the CCSR®?

Prior to sitting for the assessment, each student is provided preparatory information via email including:

  • CSA Scenario
  • Preparation Assignment
  • Exam Scorecard
  • Assessment Scheduling Link

Candidates who do not pass the final exam may schedule a second exam after a 2-week "waiting period."

This allows time to review the coursework and focus on the areas which were identified as needing attention from the original exam scorecard.

What are the requirements to take the CCSR®?

To maintain a high bar for industry standards around Customer Success Professional skills and competencies, the AA-ISP requires certain education and/or experience before applying for CSR Assessment and Certification.

Students must have completed and be able to show ONE of the following:

1. Minimum of 32 hours of Customer Success specific third-party online or instructor-led training. (This may include bootcamps or college “sales” programs)


2. 6 months or more employment experience in a Customer Support, Sales Development, or equivalent role

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