CCSB® Course Outline

Your path to success in Business-To-Consumer Sales

Course Outline

Your path to success in Business-To-Consumer Sales

Course 1: Business to Consumer and Small Business Sales Skills Part 1

Learners will discover how to determine a customer’s motivation and temperament from verbal cues and responses such as rate of speaking, energy level and keywords. They will practice by listening to sample recordings and identifying the customer’s type using gamified learning simulations.

Students will then learn how to open a call with a neutral, non-offensive pace and tone and transition to building rapport based on mastering specific techniques for each of the seven temperament types using gamified learning simulations.

Learners are then trained in the core Active Listening skills and practice identifying Value Statements that align with the customer’s temperament and motivation using the gamified learning simulations.

Course 2: Business to Consumer and Small Business Sales Skills Part 2

In Part 2 of the Sales Skills courses, learners will first review a number of different objection handling techniques. They will practice specific real-life objections and develop responses which they will record.

In the second half of Part 2, learners will study seven different closing techniques that have been proven to be most effective with each of the seven Temperament types. They will review the closing techniques using gamified learning simulations and do verbal practice giving at least one of the closes by recording themselves, listening to improve and re-recording.

Course 3: Mental Toughness Fundamentals

In this course, students review the components of a successful first call to a prospect, commonly referred to as the Prospecting Call, cold call, or warm call. This course will include the following:

This course is an introduction to the Mental Toughness process designed to build resilience, reduce stress and build the proper mindset for salespeople in busy Business to Consumer sales centers. This course uses techniques originally developed for competitive athletes that have been modified for salespeople who work in intense environments. These techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on sales as well as job satisfaction.

Lessons focus on:

  • Uncovering your intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how to use them to enhance drive and purpose.
  • Gaining an awareness of your thoughts, how they affect your responses, techniques for controlling stress, and developing a 5-second clearing technique that can be done between calls.
  • Strategies for developing the optimum level of mental focus and using visualization techniques to enhance performance.

Course 4: Voice Gym

This course covers various verbal attributes that are key to building rapport, gaining customer trust, and setting the foundation for closing the sale. The key attributes are Clarity, Audibleness (volume), Rate, and Expressiveness. Learners are taught how to overcome some of the limitations of using the telephone.

Learners will have the opportunity to record themselves, listen back, and try to improve their responses to exercises that include articulating certain sounds to improve clarity, judging the volume of their communication, and altering the rate the speak in response to the customer’s communication style. They experience a fun exercise that illustrates how an emphasis on different words can change the meaning of a statement and make it more understandable.

Our mentors will monitor voice styles for distracting characteristics that affect building rapport with customers such as "uptalking" and vocal fry and provide guidance for modifying those traits.

About The Learning System

All CCSB® learning takes place in an intelligent online learning system that is easy to use, adapts to how each learner likes to learn and provides the right amount of practice to ensure mastery.

Many of the simulations in the courses can be customized with references to specific products/solutions instead of generic "widgets".

Additionally, custom built simulations using current scripts, value statements, and objection handling responses are available.

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