One of the single largest issues I have in running a sales team of ~25 hybrid sales reps (inside w/ outside level accountability and capabilities) is that we're roughly working 1,000+ deals @ any one given time. Currently, we use Excel forecasts and Goldmine as our CRM. Our reporting needs to be in an excel format to our vendor and outputting it as such would be fine with me. Internally, using Excel simply leaves gaps that end up costing the company deals. We can't show aging on opportunities because a rep can change the land date. We can't show what is modified up or down, forecasts percentage changes, etc. This "gap" as I call it can be tracked using SalesForce for 40k/yr+ however I really do not want to move from our current CRM. So, without changing our CRM, what tool can I use that is functional, simple and most importantly can provide me with the gap coverage that I have in our current methods?

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: January 5th, 2015
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