Announcement Regarding In-Person Events:

  • Leadership Summit 2020 | Chicago, IL, August 18th - 20th, 2020
  • Sales World East Coast | Boston, MA, September 2020
  • Sales World European | Dublin, IE, November 2020

Updated: May 28th, 2020

Dear Members,

Over the last few months, the meaning of Community here at AA-ISP has taken on a deeper significance and evolution. Traditionally, our community of sales professionals gather in-person at a variety of Conferences, Retreats, Chapter Meetings, company training sessions and more.

In early 2020 that all changed.

As the COVID-19 situation intensified, the team was faced with the unfortunate reality that our flagship event, the 12th Annual Leadership Summit 2020 would not be possible in April. Our dedicated community of sales professionals and proud sponsors stood by us and we all pivoted into an August reschedule date.

In the meantime, we brought the community the "Road to the Summit" virtual series including roundtables, webinars, case studies, hands-on workshops, and Team Day chats. Our Chapter Leaders stepped up in a huge way and transitioned all in-person Chapter meetings to virtual events. We temporarily unlocked our entire Resource Center to help the millions of salespeople now stuck at home and in need of relevant tools and best practices as they navigated this new virtual world. The AA-ISP couldn't be prouder of the way this community has come together.

As we approach the summer months, our world continues to address COVID-19. Although some gradual "re-opening" has occurred, large gatherings like the Leadership Summit in August and Sales World 2020 this Fall are not realistic. The team has listened to the advice of our Board, many proud sponsors, and registered attendees and for the safety of our community, we must fully pivot once again.

We are saddened to announce that the in-person 2020 Leadership Summit and the Sales World 2020 series have been cancelled and will be reimagined as one all-encompassing and massive AA-ISP Virtual Sales Summit, taking place the week of September 14th, 2020.


The AA-ISP is excited and energized to bring the community together at this Virtual Sales Summit, along with other e-learning and development opportunities throughout the rest of 2020! Although we cherish the day that we come back together at in-person events, we remain steadfast in our vision and mission to help take "Inside Sales to the Next Level of Professionalism and Performance."

Although "in-person" events are temporarily on hold, AA-ISP’s strategy and virtual offerings have evolved quickly, enabling the continuation of our mission! As a community we must continue to embrace and invest in the AA-ISP as the global leader in the inside/digital/virtual sales world.

As we move through this period together, we ask each person and organization to consider the following:

  • Investing in your team’s development through an AA-ISP Inside Sales Academy. A new program called The Certificate in Virtual Sales is now available. It is short, relevant and hits the new skills needed for both reps and leaders in this “new normal” of virtual sales.

  • If you are a proud AA-ISP sponsor, consider our new wide range of virtual marketing opportunities such as Executive Briefings/Case Studies, Roundtables, the upcoming Virtual Sales Summit, and many others.

  • Continue to take advantage of all virtual Roundtables, Case Studies, Webinars that are happening each and every week throughout 2020.

Together, our community will continue to thrive during this difficult time!

Your AA-ISP Team

Click below to learn more about how these event cancellations will affect your registration, speaking slot, or sponsorship.


What happens to my registration for LS2020?

All LS2020 registrants will receive a credit to their AA-ISP Membership Account for the purchased price of their LS2020 pass. Credits are applied to the AA-ISP Membership Account of the purchaser of the pass. If you did not make the purchase or have questions regarding how to use this credit, please contact AA-ISP for additional information.

Credits will not expire and can be used for any AA-ISP service including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Membership for your Virtual Sales Team

  • Virtual Learning / Inside Sales Academy Certifications & Courses

  • Career Center Job Postings

  • Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Future In-Person events including the 2021 Leadership Summit taking place April 6th - 8th, 2021 for you or anyone in your organization

Contact AA-ISP with any questions and we will help guide you through your credit and options for applying going forward.

Do I need to cancel my hotel room?

No, the hotel will automatically cancel your hotel room. You will receive an email confirmation from the Hyatt Regency O’Hare as soon as this cancelation has been processed.

Proud Sponsors:

AA-ISP has attempted to contact all Event Sponsors and has options for using your sponsorship credit for virtual opportunities as well as 2021 Conferences. We appreciate your support and dedication to the profession and our association at this time. For any specific questions or inquiries on this, please reach out to Ashley Gagliano.

Invited Speakers:

AA-ISP thanks you for volunteering your time to speak and share your experiences at one of our upcoming events. As we plan future virtual and in-person sessions we will be reaching out to gauge your interest in those events and appreciate your patience as our agendas and event calendar are finalized. For any specific questions or inquiries on this, please reach out to Kameron Hobbs.